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[Trading] Perpetual Arbitrage

1. What's the special mechanism of perpetual in the crypto industry?
2. How to achieve it ?



基於對區塊鏈世界的嚮往與愛好,編者想透過此平台,將更多正確且知識性的事務傳達給更多大眾知道,以利圈外人士也能了解這個領域的相關新聞。此論壇會以介紹各種區塊鏈項目與技術為主。( Based on our own passions, as editors , we want to convey accurate knowledge and the latest news to the public on this platform. This publication will introduce various skills to you.)

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Lin Yi-Wei

A business school student engaging in cryptocurrencies and quantitative finance pursues the bachelor degree in Nanyang Technological University.