Blockchain MIR was awarded 2018 The Great Brand

Every life Cryptocurrency Mircoin has been selected as a blockchain in the “Great Brand of the Year 2018” by Consumer. ‘2018 The Great Brand’ is a prize awarded by Korea’s leading media company, Chosun Ilbo, for companies with outstanding achievements in Korea.

With the 2018 The Great Brand, Blockchain Mir is officially recognized for excellence of its brand in Korea.

Yosong Lim, director of Blockchain Mir, presented his awards after the 2018 The Great Brand Awards;

“Mircoin has become the representative blockchain in Korea with the award, and I am aware that there is still a lot of confusion around the world as it is the early stage of the introduction of blockchain. We are going to prove that blockchain technology can be in the real economy by developing our blockchain technology through Mircoin.”

On the other hand, Blockchain Mir is ahead of the launch of ‘Taxi King’, a taxi route sharing platform that allows multiple passengers to join a single cab to reduce the economic cost of passengers and increase the income of taxi drivers. The beta version is currently available, and it is expected to be commercialized next year and is expected by many consumers.