MIRCOIN FAQ — part 1

Q. What is Mircoin?

In order for crypto not to become a mere speculative instrument, a system that can use it in the real economy is needed. Mircoin linked Blockchain and Electronic payment platform to make use of crypto in the real economy, which has the advantage of safety and fast processing speed.

Mircoin is exchanged with ‘Mir Pay’, a fixed currency, and Mir pay is used as a real-life currency in ‘Mir Land’ that incorporates points, coupons and reserves from Mir Land’s affiliate. Consumers who buy goods with Mir Pay receive 5% of return on their consumption, which greatly benefits their affiliates and consumers.

Q. What makes Mircoin different?

Mir coin has already established partnerships with over 20 companies, starting with ‘Taxi King’ project, a shared economy taxi line sharing application through partnership with SNS Dududu, which has 37 million+ users.

Mir coin will inform the potential of the Blockchain and contribute to the development of healthy Blockchain ecosystem by activating the use of crypto in real life starting from successful achievement of the first payment business, ‘Taxi King’ project.

Q. Tell about Technology of Mircoin.

Mircoin was built based on Lite coin. Block creation time is designed to create blocks every 30 seconds, five times shorter than Lite coin which create blocks every 150 seconds. It is designed to provide a wide range of mining profitability with ASIC equipment from Scrypt algorithms.

Mircoin uses hd walllets to implement a Blockchain system that is almost identical to the latest version of Bitcoin.

Mircoin has a payment system (Mir Pay) in combination with a Blockchain core for fast and safe transactions.

Real-time interactive conversion between Mircoin and Mir Pay is available. This enables the processing of large transactions in real time and implements the function that is optimized for payments on actual transactions in response to price volatility in the coin.

- To be continued