Mircoin is going to be listed on IDCM, Global Top 25 Crypto Exchange

MIR is going to be allowed to deposits and withdrawals at 15:00 8th January, 2019 (KST) and MIR/BTC trading will be available at 15:00 9th January, 2019 (KST) on IDCM.

As there is going to be Listing Event on IDCM, please check the announcement of IDCM after MIR listing.

※ Listing schedule could be changeable depend on the exchange’s situation.

Listing on IDCM which is global top 25 exchange (12/27 CoinmarketCap Standard) is 6th listing followed by Coinis which is Korean crypto exchange, BitForex which is global top 8(12/27 CoinmarketCap standard), LATOKEN which is global top 42 (12/27 CoinmarketCap standard), SWFT, and Coredax.

Thanks for your support for Mircoin. Mircoin team has been working on healthy blockchain ecosystem and liquidity to respond to your support.

Stay tuned for more update!