MIRCOIN NEWS UPDATE — Coin burning, Coin updating (EOS), Exchange Listing.

Hello. MIRCOIN investors.

There are some news to update for February and March.

1. The first biggest surprising is that Mircoin team decided to reduce the total amount of MIR.

The previous amount of MIR was 4.3 billion in total but we decided to burn the total amount of MIR so that total number of MIR is going to be 1.3 billion. (Just 30% of previous total numbers!)

2. The second news is MIR updating.

The previous version of MIR was based on POW but new version of MIR is based on EOS to protect MIR from hackers who target to attack tokens based on POW. Also, we expect EOS based coin is much faster than POW based coin which is suitable for payment coin like MIR.

3. The last news is listing on two different exchanges.

MIR was supposed to list on IDCM on February but is was postponed because of MIR updating. On March, MIR is going to list on IDCM which gives liquidity to MIR.

Second exchange is Hanbitco. MIR is going to available to trade on Hanbitco from Feb. 26th.

Thanks for your support and trusting Mircoin.

Stay tuned for next update!