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5 min readJan 6, 2020


2019 was the year of numerous challenges and achievements for us.

Having said good-bye to 2019, BlockChain Security Corp is celebrating start of 2020 as well as 24 months since it was first established. Now may be a good time to invite you all to take a look at all those important milestones!

And here they come… Let’s start!

224K block-height limit surpassed

Our private blockchain, based on Postchain powered by Chromaway in Stockholm, has now grown to a height of 224K+ blocks. We currently host 4 nodes and are working on further node consolidation and expansion. Using the PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus algorithm, our blockchain has the ability to significantly fend off any potential attacks and to maintain its hyperledger.

4K users and counting

Few months back in 2019 Q3, our Blockchain Witness App was launched with the aim of enabling users to store their digital evidence on blockchain. The App collects digital evidence such as photos, videos, voice and screen recordings via the built-in camera or microphone on a mobile device. It then automatically stores the evidence’s hash value on blockchain preventing any data tampering. It has already attracted 4K users from all over the world and is growing daily.

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50+ news pieces exposed on media

50 or more news pieces on BlockChain Security Corp as well as Blockchain Witness App have already been featured on various media outlets.

Check out one of them here:

12-month innovation project completed

In Nov 2018, we were fortunate to be granted the government’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. At the conclusion of that one-year project, we developed a Digital Evidence Preservation System, based on Blockchain.

The program has already come to an end, but our R&D activities surely continue.

9 new members joined our team

In 2019, we welcomed a total of 9 new members! They are all specialists in various fields such as blockchain system engineering, customer and product management, marketing and sales, software and web development, language translation, UI/UX design, and quality assurance.

And, by the way, we are still hiring now! You can check out our latest available positions on our CakeResume profile!

6 online channels welcomed us onboard

Everyone can now find us on mainstream social and business online channels, including on: Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Linkedin, Crunchbase and, of-course, right here on Medium. And we are always expanding our channels’ presence as our business grows. This way you can easily catch up on the latest news on BlockChain Security no matter where you are!

5 exhibitions explored

In 2019, we made some strides in making new connections! In fact, we participated, as an exhibitor, in 5 main trade fairs and expos last year. Those exciting events included: CYBERSEC Taiwan 2019, 2019 Explore Next Cyber Taiwan, Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, 2019 Meet Taipei Startup Festival, and Fintech Taipei 2019.

You may even be one of those who met us in some of those events! ;)

4 conferences attended

Ever since we joined Taiwan’s Blockchain ecosystem, we have been receiving tremendous support from various alliances and partners from different industries. Consequently, we have had the opportunity, being a part of thriving blockchain startups, to attend a number of related conferences, including: Blockchain 2.0 Changing people’s life: From Northern Europe to Taiwan; 2019 Blockchain Legal Forum; SalvationDATA & Blockchain Witness Law Enforcement Edition Seminar; and The 4th Taiwan Blockchain Summit 2019.

We are definitely pleased, by attending such conferences, to be able to share and demonstrate our industry experience and solutions. Beyond that, we certainly look forward to attending future summits.

3 products launched

In addition to Blockchain Witness App, we have also released related software/SaaS products. In doing so, Blockchain Witness series now offer Enterprise and Law Enforcement editions. The former helps enterprises manage and secure online documents and contracts. The latter provides law enforcement agents a new way to collect and store digital evidence.

The way we see it, this has definitely helped us mark last year as quite a “productive” year!

2 patents obtained

Aiming to protect our R&D achievements, we applied for a number of patents and thankfully were granted 2 utility model patents last year. The first patent is named “digital data anti-counterfeiting device”, while the second one is “contract signing and verification system based on blockchain”.

But that’s not all: we still have several innovation patent applications in progress and are not planning on slowing down the pace of our innovation any time soon!

1 ecosystem created

By now, you must have noticed we have almost exclusively been talking about digital evidence and blockchain for a while now. And that’s because our mission has stayed the same for the last couple of years. We started off wanting to utilize the latest technologies around blockchain, evidence preservation and data forensics to bring both cybersecurity and convenience to everyone. While doing so, we wanted to create a dependable ecosystem of digital data preservation.

And fortunately, that’s what we managed to do!


None of what we did, we could have achieved without you… and we’d like to thank you for your continual trust in us!

With your support, we believe we can continue our growth in the current new year, leading us to continue introducing new products and applications related to blockchain tech aimed at diverse fields and industries.

So stay tuned! When think of digital evidence preservation, think of BlockChain Security!

And that’s a wrap for us!

We look forward to seeing you all throughout the current new year! :)

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