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Sometimes unforeseeable incidents such as traffic accidents, document falsification, patent infringement happened. During this chance of dispute, the court will not count every submitted evidence as admissible…

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5 min readJul 30, 2021


Felicia Ellenby

Ever since the rapid development of the internet, we experience a recent wave of problems that never existed in the previous decade. Issues such as overwhelming data and emerging hackers have made it hard for public authorities and law enforcers to convict modern criminals. There are fewer reasons for law courts to believe every digital evidence eligibility, and they have limited resources on handling those cases.

Finding the relevant supporting evidence will help any public authorities to overcome such problems. Among billions of digital data available, they need to find the Cinderella shoe. If the data found is fitting and proven authentic, it will change the court game and significantly increase the lawsuit success rate. The question is, how to turn in evidence as admissible? How to let the judges believe in the authenticity and validity of the evidence provided? This is where Blockchain Witness comes in handy.

With a few clicks, you can use our digital service whenever and wherever you are. Every time you find relevant digital evidence, all you need is a screenshot or screen record of those rightful or shameful deeds. Our blockchain technology will help you determine the authenticity of those pieces of evidence, and now, you can safely submit them to court. Finding relevant evidence to each case will undoubtedly fasten your lawsuit closing, and Blockchain Witness is the service to go.

About Blockchain Witness

Blockchain Witness is a one-stop digital evidence preservation service for enterprises who often in need of court evidence. Our professional service allows users to manage, sign, store, and secure documents in a simple procedure. Should there be any search for relevant evidence, users can upload and screenshot the critical contents from those documents or websites for preservation purposes. Every time the data is being uploaded, the content remains protected through asymmetric encryption, and our server will store its encrypted data. Now, accumulating evidence will never be a problem. Try our service for the ultimate experience!

Blockchain To The Rescue

Blockchain Witness dedicated itself to utilizing the tamperproof, irrefutable, and permanent features of blockchain to enable individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to store digital evidence and data on the blockchain. In addition to preserving crucial evidence, it can also be effortlessly validated in the system whenever needed. Our technology allows users to:

1. Identify Files in a Unique Way
Discover Blockchain files with its unique digital fingerprint identifications, preventing file tampering

2. Prove Digital Evidence Validity
Verify files using Blockchain’s consensus mechanism, averting tampering suspicions

3. Encrypt and Preserve Files Permanently
Upload and chain files to Blockchain, preventing digital evidence loss or damage

Service Features

Blockchain Witness enables users to manage crucial data by protecting and managing their files through our numerous technologies. Our service is equipped with a search function that locates any targeted files while tackling the latest impractical and high-risk issues. We make sure our technology is providing a safer and more efficient process workflow.

The features consist of:

a. One-Click Screenshot Upload
Instantly capture your browser’s screen and upload it to our cloud storage

b. Information Forgery Prevention
Block captured screenshots after altering page content or URL, which prevents content impersonation

c. Blockchain-based Preservation
Easily upload digital fingerprint documents on blockchain for lifelong preservation. The client and attorney can both rest assured that their evidence is safely stored on our distributed nodes. Even in case of any evidence tampering, you can easily verify the file authenticity on the blockchain.

d. Cloud-Storage Convenience
Keep track of your cases online, and no need to worry about your mobile device and desktop limited storage space. Now, you can manage and protect all your important files and documents efficiently

e. Double-Protection File Security
Users can only unlock their uploaded files with our advanced USB fingerprint reader. This security prevents confidential data leakage by unauthorized personnel or malicious hacker attacks.

f. Private and Timely Information Sharing
After updating our software, you can now share crucial documents with designated parties. We provide an additional feature where you can set sharing time limits which enables flexible private file sharing.

Free Trial, Free Trial, Free Trial

To honor the legal enforcement, we offer Blockchain Witness free trials for law practitioners and witnesses to enjoy. For many decades, they have spent hundreds of thousands of time researching and collecting supporting evidence to win lawsuits and reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. However, with rapid technological development, it is nowhere possible for a human to filter billions of data in a short amount of time. Therefore, we wish to support the sacred legal system and reduce the mountains of paperwork in our way. If you are lawyers, prosecutors, witnesses, or law enforcers in need of help, we are more than glad to offer Blockchain Witness as your dependable digital partner.

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