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Smartphone Triage is a data collection software that combines blockchain and digital forensics to collect digital evidence on smartphones. With Smartphone Triage, law enforcement agents can now collect crucial data and save the day!

Felicia Ellenby
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5 min readSep 2, 2021

Upon the advancement of technology, people enjoy services and routines that were considered science fiction a few decades back. We have heard the greatness and unlimited possibilities of technology progress in the news, social media, or any available internet platform. However, its convenience has also brought us new problems, such as overwhelming data, outdated technology (hand-held video cameras), lack of facility resources, etc. Since these issues will surface along with technology developments, the government should play a vital role in minimizing its harm to society, one of them being law enforcement agents. As government bodies, they have the responsibility to fight those digital crimes by collecting relevant evidence. Although evidence collection is one of their main priorities, the unlimited access to data complicates their overall justice process.

So, how to solve them effectively and efficiently? With Smartphone Triage, law enforcement agents can now collect crucial data and save the day! Since mastering traditional forensic tools requires years of experience, we designed software for front-line investigators for fast and simple data extractions. They can collect key evidence from the targeted device and generate custom reports in only five minutes. Our system is equipped with automatic scroll and screenshots features, so any evidence shown on screen can be obtained easily. We also assure the authenticity and permanent storage for those pieces of evidence with our blockchain technology. Now, collecting data from mobile devices is simple and safe.

Introduction to Smartphone Triage

Smartphone Triage is an innovative solution combining digital forensics and blockchain to collect mobile and cloud data. This trusted software has assisted law enforcement agents and corporate auditing departments in collecting screenshots of suspicious mobile phones as evidence. Screenshot capturing modes such as fully automatic, continuous, or single are available to use. Moreover, the software allows users to import files from mobile phones, perform text recognition and fast keyword searches. Since reports can be automatically generated based on collected evidence, it will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of on-site investigations.

What’s Good about Smartphone Triage?

Smartphone Triage has dedicated itself to provide the best evidence extraction service in the industry. Our technology has five highlight features, which are:

  1. Case management
    Fill in case information, adjust OCR results and conduct cross-case keyword searching to maximize the software experience
  2. Android and IOS evidence collection
    Choose between Automatic, Batch Automatic, Single, Semi-Automatic, File import, scheduled screenshot, screen recording modes which supports most of the social media and chat apps in the market
  3. OCR and keyword filtering
    With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the context of the captured images can be identified and filtered with 99% of accuracy
  4. Motion Detection Algorithm
    Extract from H264, exclude moving ones, and conduct video OCR
  5. Report Generator
    Export all captured evidence or just selected ones as Docx, CSV, or pdf. The hash value of pdf reports can be uploaded to the blockchain. By permanently stored on the blockchain, the admissibility of evidence is secured.
  6. Relationship Analysis
    View which users interact with the target device in a simple graphical design and filter the chats with calls, files, or photo history

New Features

After experimenting with trials and errors, Smartphone Triage is back with new features to improve your user experience. We proudly welcome Social Connection Collect and Downgrade as a part of our big family. So, how can these features help your user experience?

Social Connection Collect allows users to have a connection overview in the targeted devices in seconds. Apart from chatting software, users can retrieve valuable information from SMS and call logs, which may be the most valuable leads in many investigations.

With our Downgrade feature, users can obtain the database of the target applications. The database could include deleted messages, chat rooms, or files that are undetectable from the screenshot feature. Furthermore, users can import those databases to other mobile forensic software for further investigation. This efficient feature allows users to check their progress and how far they are in the seven-step process. Even when the downgrade fails to execute, the users can still identify which step fails and make corresponding solutions.

New Youtube Video

Our new youtube video has come out! If you want to know more about Smartphone Triage and its latest features, check it out on youtube now! You are going to love it.

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