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Blockchain Today Weekly Digest

21 Sep — 27 Sep

Israel government members consider that it will be better to tax crypto as fiat. All about this and other important events in our weekly digest.

1. Israeli New Bill Considers Bitcoin as a Currency

Four members of the legislature of Israel find it better if digital assets would be taxed as a fiat.

Presently, Bitcoin is taxed 25% while converted into fiat, or 15% for short-time funders.

According to officials, if the bill accepted, Israel’s 25% capital gains rate on bitcoin will no longer exist. Lawmakers think this amendment will help more digital money to find their place in the Israeli market.

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2. Optimism launches testnet of its Ethereum scaling solution

The Optimism startup, which is developing a second-tier scaling solution for the Ethereum network called optimistic rollup, has launched a limited testnet. According to the developers, the process of launching the solution will be phased — an optimistic rollup will be integrated with a small group of decentralized applications to isolate potential errors.

The first application to be integrated with the Optimism testnet will be the Synthetix decentralized exchange.

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3. Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in user activity

Transactional activity on Ethereum has confidently started to increase this summer. The expansion of the DeFi decentralized finance market has become a central driver of the network’s growth.

Despite the fears of some skeptics, this ecosystem continues to evolve, attracting more and more users.

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