Blockchain Technology Partners @ Gluecon 2018

Sharing our experience implementing the Scotcoin crytocurrency

Blockchain Technology Partners is delighted to announce our support for Gluecon 2018. I am a long time fan of Eric Norlin’s outstanding work curating Gluecon/Defrag (you can follow this on Twitter) so it was a no-brainer to make this our first foray as a sponsor.

TL;DR What is Glue? In short — a conference by developers for developers.

Even better I’ve teamed up with Mike Zaccardo (of Defrag X dance fame) once again and we are excited to kick off the Developing for a Blockchain track this year. Mike is our lead blockchain engineer and a Hyperledger veteran. Here are the details.

Delivering the Scotcoin cryptocurrency using Hyperledger Sawtooth

Duncan Johnston-Watt (CEO, Blockchain Technology Partners)
Mike Zaccardo (Lead Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Technology Partners)


In this talk we provide an overview of the key components that make up our permissioned blockchain platform: Hyperledger Sawtooth, Seth, and an identity management and RBAC subsystem. Seth provides compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts as well as the standard interfaces that the Ethereum ecosystem expects, allowing tools like Truffle to be used with Sawtooth.

We drill down on how how our platform was used to implement Scotcoin, a new cryptocurrency based on the ERC-20 standard and featuring AML and KYC functionality. Finally we demonstrate how we deliver this platform in the cloud using Apache Brooklyn.


Day 1 — Wednesday, May 16, 2018; Breakout 4 (Spruce)— 1:30–2:10pm

About us

Blockchain Technology Partners is committed to both consuming and contributing to open source. We provide a production ready blockchain platform and we partner with businesses to deliver blockchain-based solutions which we then operate on their behalf. Our first customer is The Scotcoin Project which is the community interest company behind Scotcoin, Scotland’s digital currency.