Blockchain Technology Partners @ Hyperledger HK Meetup

Sharing our experience working with Hyperledger Sawtooth

I am really looking forward to sharing our experience working with Hyperledger Sawtooth at this meetup next week.

The plan is to provide an overview of Hyperledger Sawtooth with the help of a superb deck created by Dan Middleton (Hyperledger Sawtooth Maintainer) then zero in on how we are deploying and managing Sawtooth using Kubernetes.

One of the cool things about this approach is that Sawtooth and Kubernetes are both top notch open source projects curated by Linux Foundation initiatives — the Hyperledger Greenhouse as it is now called and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation respectively.

We will close out our session with a demonstration of the rapid deployment of Hyperledger Sawtooth on AWS using Kubernetes which is a neat complement to the recent presentation by Michael Edge on Hyperledger Fabric at the Kubernetes Hong Kong Meetup earlier this month.

You can register for this meetup and find out more about Michael’s talk here.

Thanks also to AWS Hong Kong for hosting!