Day 1 at Blockchain Technology Partners

Latest Codebase Edinburgh tech startup launched

In my final year at Cloudsoft I spent a bunch of time with AWS — getting to know the AWS Service Catalog team in particular — and observed first hand the pervasive influence of Jeff Bezos’ philosophy that it is always Day 1 at Amazon. Why? Because according to Bezos Day 2 is basically the beginning of the end for a company.

In September Wired published a timely piece “From the Editor: Why it’s always Day One for Jeff Bezos and Amazon” which I highly recommend and there are plenty of books (available on naturally) on this topic as well as something called the The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company which you can think of as self help manual for startups of all sizes.

TL;DR you must be laser focused on the customer at all times.

When developing new products start with the PR/FAQ and work backwards. Werner Vogels published an eponymous blog Working Backwards as far back as 2006 and what’s interesting to me is that in the intervening years this approach has stood the test of time and was recently written up — this time in Forbes.

Having partnered with AWS — and closed business with them no less — what’s this got to do with Blockchain Technology Partners?

TL;DR it all started with a customer, understand and addressing their needs.

It didn’t matter what I was doing at Cloudsoft I always tried to keep a weather eye on inbound enquiries and when two showed up subject Hyperledger within the space of 3 minutes (not to mention an irate voicemail routed through to me moments later because no one had picked up the phone) I dropped what I was doing and in Amazon-speak caught the bouncing ball. (That’s worth a post in itself but I will save that for another time.)

It’s strange how things work out.

I was in the process of stepping down as CEO, had a ton of stuff on my plate but that wasn’t going to stop me talking to this guy and finding out about something called The Scotcoin Project.

After all we’d invested a lot of time with the Hyperledger community — think Blockchain for Business — contributing Apache Brooklyn blueprints to simplify the roll out and management of Hyperledger Fabric, so whether I was going to be around or not was irrelevant to me.

Long story short I got to know Temple Melville who introduced me to David Low who commissioned a proof-of-concept to determine the right blockchain platform for The Scotcoin Project but the aha moment for me came when we were at the readout for this POC right before Christmas.

That was the point at which I grokked what David was trying to do — create a blockchain platform company that could implement and operate blockchain-based solutions for customers. I was hooked.

So that’s the story behind the launch of the latest technology startup to be incubated at CodeBase Edinburgh and my role as CEO & co-founder.

It wouldn’t be right if having started with Jeff Bezos I didn’t wrap up with his stirring words of advice for startups like us, as told by the Onion.