Despatches from IFX and AWS re:Invent

Why stop at one conference when you can contribute to two!

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IFX 2019 — Celebrating the Craft and Culture of Infrastructure

First up I’m really excited to be participating in IFX this year where I will be contributing to their Maker Sessions providing a behind the scenes look at how our management platform Sextant deploys and manages blockchain networks on Kubernetes clusters.

My session is Bringing the Benefits of Blockchain to Business takes place in the Maker Hall 4:30 pm — 5:00 pm on Wednesday December 4th.

For those of you who’ve not come across IFX it is a great conference in the spirit of Software Circus. It has an anarchic feel to it that is the perfect antidote to the AWS re:Invent juggernaut; and a tagline — Celebrating the Craft + Culture of Infrastructure that captures its spirit perfectly!

Anyway that’s where you will find me December 4th & 5th and it isn’t too late to register and join us. It’s free as in beer thanks to Packet’s generosity and IFX’s sponsors.

While IFX is my main focus for the second half of the week I will be back at AWS re:Invent briefly on Wednesday 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm when you will find me at the Bellagio (Grand Ballroom 5 Green).

Why? Because Sextant for DAML will feature in a Global Partner Summit technical session GPSTEC339 given by Lana Kalashnyuk, Principal Blockchain Architect and AWS Global Segment Tech Partner Lead. Lana will be explaining how customers can leverage AWS to easily build and manage scalable blockchain networks and deploy smart contracts.

Check out our blog post BTP Sextant on AWS for more information on our AWS Marketplace offerings.

If you are planning to be at IFX or you are at re:Invent please get in touch. I can be found on twitter @duncanjw

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