Introducing Konsent

Your information is everywhere. Your phone number, email and address are stored in hundreds of databases, exported to thousands of Excel documents. Every time you sign in or become a member somewhere you need to give someone your email, or phone number, or more.

Sadly, your information is often outdated and needs to be constantly maintained in most of these places. Your airline bonus program, your car service, your local coffee shop, your kids parent-driven basket team, … you get the idea.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just see everything in one place on your mobile phone?All the memberships you have, all the information they have on you, all the fees you pay?

Even better — how about you can prove that you are over 18 because your airline, your hotel chain and your employer confirms that you are?

And if you are an organization — How cool is it to always have the most updated contact information about your members? How nice is it not to think about GDPR and give users total control of their own data?

This is our vision for Konsent. We want to create one simple platform for all of your memberships. And we want you to have control over access to your information. And with this in place, you’ll be able to use your memberships to provide proves about yourself.

How will it work?

We do not aim to create one-for-all database owned by user. We actually want to kind of improve existing systems, but make it more user-centric.

This means that all organizations will still have information on you, as their own “member databases”. Difference is that you will also have access to that information, can manipulate and remove it. Your copy is the master while the organization has a copy. You will know when organizations manipulate your data. And organizations can compare their data to other companies, without knowing them, to ensure quality of their data.

We claim that aggregated data from all of your memberships has higher quality than data you provide to an average company. By enabling data comparison, without disclosure, we can both increase data quality for organisations and provide you with a simple way to maintain your data.

Screenshot of Konsent prototype

Why blockchain?

Konsent will be built with blockchain as a fundament. All of the identities in the system will be registered on the Ethereum public chain, and messages between parties will be signed to ensure trustless communication with the Whisper protocol.

We will not use public chain to store any user related information. User information will be stored encrypted on users device (mobile phone) and a user-prefered backup server/unit.

We use uPort and JSON Web Tokens to create and provide ‘identity proofs i.e. user can ask organizations for an attestations and proofs, and these will be cryptographically signed by the organization and stored on users device. To further increase privacy, we use Zero Knowledge proofs to allow users to prove something about themselves without disclosing all of the data or the origin. An example of this would be that you can prove your age without having to giving away your date of birth or your passport which discloses a lot of information including citizenship.

Konsent was first presented Oslo Blockchain day in April 2018 — see Jon's presentation and some pictures from that day:

Do you want to be a part of the team? We have opening positions — see our website!