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Why the Internet failed and how we can fix it

Learn about Inrupt and Solid and meet our next speaker at Oslo Blockchain Day — Arne Hassel.

  • It is has become too easy to spread misinformation and fake news
  • Marketing for political purposes has to be transparent and accessible

Arne Hassel from Inrupt

Not a blockchain project

The main focus of Oslo Blockchain Day is democratizing technologies, or demtech.

The conference is in just few weeks. The topic is democratizing technologies and we have planned several tracks:

  • circular economy
  • legal and regulation of blockchain
  • banking and stablecoinsh
  • humanitarian and civic projects
  • registries and governments
  • tech and blockchain

Get your ticket to Oslo Blockchain Day on the 30th of April!



Symfoni Solutions is a digital core infrastructure where organizations can easily and securely create digital ecosystems for collaboration. Symfoni is invisible, but crucial, for the realization of Norway’s and Europe’s digitalisation strategy.

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Published author, 5 books on migration, freedom of speech, tech and startups. Cofounder Best Startup Journalist Norway 2015