Episode 10: A Bitcoin Venture Outside the Great Wall

On this episode of BlockChannel, Mckie and Dee sit down with James Wo, President of Huiyin Blockchain Ventures (HBV). HBV is a venture capital firm under their China based parent company, Huiyin Group. They’ve secured $80million to begin investing in bitcoin, ethereum, and other blockchain-based technologies, with hopes to accelerate bitcoin adoption in and outside of China. James gives us insights into HBV’s vision for companies they wish to invest in, investments they’ve made thus far, and his thoughts on bitcoin in general. There are some great insights on the Chinese perspective of bitcoin, a very educational episode.

Show Links:
Huiyin Blockchain Venture: venture.huiyin.com
Bcoin: bcoin.io
Popchest: popchest.com
Brave Browser: brave.com

Intro/Outro Music “Palputations” by Maneech:Maneech-1 — Palputations

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