Episode 15: Hedging on Ethereum, with Numerai

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee and Dr. Petty are joined by Richard Craib. Richard is the mind behind “Numerai”; an AI-based hedge fund that feeds off of data science and machine-learning modeling. Models that are used on Numerai for algorithmic trading are submitted by users (Data Scientists) on the platform, where they are rewarded “Numeraire” tokens for successful modeling. Numeraire is not a currency in itself; the tokens are used for Data Scientists to essentially “bet” on their own machine learning models and how well they’d actually perform on a live market with real money. This form of “staking” allows the scientist to essentially receive a dividend of sorts for their successful modeling. As the success of Numerai grows, so will the overall proportion of funds being paid off to data scientists.

This project is made possible my utilizing the Ethereum public chain; we believe it’s a ground-breaking concept, one that hopefully is replicated across other hard sciences. Dive in and keep an open-mind!

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Show Links:

Numeraire Token Info:https://numer.ai/whitepaper.pdf


Intro/Outro Music “Comeback” by Umai: https://soundcloud.com/thebaygerian/comeback-1?in=thebaygerian/sets/next-day-heir

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