Episode 2: Making Bitcoin Great, with Javascript & Brave

On this week’s episode, your boys McKie and Demetrick are hanging out with the creator of Javascript, former leader of the pack at Mozilla (ever used Firefox?), and now the CEO and Founder of our new favorite web browser, Brave, Brendan Eich (no big deal, I think we’re on a roll — anyways). Enjoy some soulful jams from our friend Faruhdey, relax, kick back, and learn you something.

Brave Website:

Brave Twitter: twitter.com/brave

Coinbase: coinbase.com

Bcoin: bcoin.io

StandardJs: standardjs.com/rules.html

Intro/Outro Music: @Faruhdey
Faruhdey — There-are-monsters

The Bitcoin Podcast: thebitcoinpodcast.com/bc2/

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