Episode 20: Building Across the Globe, with ConsenSys

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee and Dr. Petty are joined by John Lilic of ConsenSys. John’s role has been busy working to proliferate their vision for Ethereum everywhere, all over the globe across various enterprise sectors. They’ve been very successful thus far (have you seen the price of ETH? lol jk); so John fills us in our their vision for ensuring as the Ethereum ecosystem matures, no one is left behind. Very eye opening discussion on just how far ConsenSys is going to embed Ethereum, everywhere.

Show Links(s):

ConsenSys: consensys.com

Intro/Outro Music “Coffee” by Masego/Medasin: Officialmedasin — Coffee-ft-masego

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Gnosis Prediction Market: gnosis.pm

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