Episode 29: Making Sense of Cent.co

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Petty sit down with the founders of Cent.co, Max Brody and Cameron Hejazi. Cent, presently, is a Quora-like Q&A platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their service allows you to post questions with monetary bounties via Ethereum smart-contracts. By being a member of Cent, you can then answer questions, and in return received Ether for your valuable insights/contributions. Members of the site then vote on the various answers posted to each question bounty, and depending on your overall number of votes, you’ll receive a proportional share of the bounty. It’s a very straight-forward and simple platform that allows anyone to quickly start earning ETH with just a few clicks. Full disclosure: McKie is also an advisor for the Cent team.

Show Links:
Cent: http://cent.co
Cent Twitter: http://twitter.com/Cent
Sign-up for Cent: http://beta.cent.co

Intro/Outro Music “Sheep” by G Yamazawa: https://soundcloud.com/gyamazawa/sheep-feat-city-james?in=gyamazawa/sets/shouts-to-durham

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