Episode 6: Gnosis, and the Power of the Crowd

On this episode of BlockChannel, hosts McKie and Dee are joined by Matt Liston, Chief Strategist of Gnosis. Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market that can be used to make money by predicting the outcome of future events. Sound futuristic? Impossible? It’s not. Join the boys as they share the ins and outs of Gnosis, the implications of prediction markets on society, their TO plans Token Offering, and how Matt believes Ethereum will grow and mature in 2017. You won’t want to miss these knowledge bombs. So, sit back, relax — we’re bout to drop something fierce.

Gnosis: gnosis.pm
Augur: augur.org
uPort: uport.me
WeTrust: wetrust.io
Maker: makerdao.com

Intro/Outro Music by Faruhdey:@faruhdey

Show Sponsor: Purse.io

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