Event: Bitcoin Cash Devcon in San Francisco

October 10–12th: Free Hackathon & First Ever Bitcoin Cash Devcon

BCH Devcon 2018 in San Francisco October 10th-12th
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BCH DEVCON is a series of global hackathons taking place around the globe. During the San Francisco Blockchain Week(SFBW) in October; BCH DEVCON will make its debut to the public as well as the BCH community. The spirit of permissionless innovation is deeply embedded in this concept we embraced and we encourage ambitious hackers to challenge and make amazing things happen. Also, we welcome other partners join our friends and supporters in this exciting hacking adventure in the Bay Area.

SFBW will attract 5000+ visitors and attendees. Our event is part of this crypto carnival, which will focus on inventing new projects on BCH, solving existing problems on Wormhole (a tokenization and smart contract project for BCH), and implementing technical solutions. More excitingly, technical advisors from Bitcoin-ABC, Bitbox, and Bitcoin.com will support hackers to carry out their solutions towards the topics. Bitcoin.com, Bitsonline, SV Insight, and media support from SFBW will make full report of the hackathon and all these events.

Why We Chose BCH?

We believe BCH to be one of the most versatile blockchains we have ever seen in terms of its scalability, security and potential for smart contracts in the future. There are some outstanding projects operating based on BCH or associated with BCH, for instance: Yours.org, Purse.io, Wormhole project, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), and etc. We intend to attract more developers through these events and eventually build a stronger community with real-world use cases.

Don’t hesitate to a part of this event, we welcome all kinds of partnerships and collaborations!

Event Sponsored by Permissionless Ventures

BCH DEVCON Apply here: https://bchdevcon.com/

San Francisco Blockchain Week: https://sfblockchainweek.io/