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HandyMiner GUI and CLI Updates

HandyMiner is ready for the Goldshell HS1-PLUS

We’ve been back to work cooking up support for Goldshell’s latest line of Handshake Blake2bSHA3 ASICs. A step-up improvement from the batch that debuted in Q2 2020, these feature 4 additional hash workers and a larger heat sync, plus an improved power supply for better performance - providing ~110GH with just 115watts.

It’s small and quiet enough for a desk, and low-powered enough to run anywhere in your home. When coupled with the HandyMiner ecosystem of software using our GUI and CLI, your experience is simple, allowing you to mine in less than <60 seconds.

Goldshell Twitter:

Goldshell HS1 Official Site:

HandyMiner GUI v0.0.4 & CLI v0.0.4:

Launch Video:

  • Support for the new Goldshell HS1 Plus
  • Support to mix & match your HS1/HS1 Plus on your rigs
  • Small tweaks for MacOS/Windows/Linux stability

About HandyMiner Goldshell CLI: A simple but refined CLI interface (+optional Dashboard) for HSD Mining to enable the Goldshell HS1/HS1 Plus to communicate with Handshake HSD via pool stratum mining.

Install Latest from Releases:

About HandyMiner Goldshell GUI: A simple GUI interface for HSD Mining to enable the Goldshell HS1/HS1 Plus to communicate with the Handshake HSD via pool stratum mining. It abstracts away all the complexities of mining. Simply paste your payout address, and choose a pool from the dropdown menu. Mining Handshake is as easy as pressing “play” with HandyMiner.

Install Latest from Releases:

Preview Video

Remember, only after you’ve accrued enough earnings at a pool will you get a deposit to your account. The setup should take no less than 10 seconds if you already have an HNS address made and ready (we recommend Bob Wallet or Namebase).

We hope to continue to support improving the hash distribution of the network by support more ASIC miners, and adding direct support in our open-source project to ensure additional hashrate and security comes to Handshake in the short-term.

If you are a mining pool or hardware manufacturer interested in mining Blake2bSHA3 hash, please let us know by emailing Steven McKie of the Handy Software team (and Amentum GP) here.

Disclaimer: This HandyMiner GUI/CLI software was built open-sourced, and was modified to support the Goldshell HS1 miner to further aid in decentralizing mining in the ecosystem. It is in no way an advertisement, nor a guarantee of any return on mining hardware purchased from Goldshell Miners. For more software contributions to the Handshake community by members of the Amentum Capital team, please see HandyBrowser.



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