Episode 26: Off the Grid, with Grid+

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie & Petty enter a mental handicap cage match in our first ever triple-header with some of the team behind Grid+. Their project aims to create P2P decentralized markets for sharing and selling energy using Ethereum-based smart contracts. Their project seeks to tap into the sustainability movement as a way to assist in bootstrapping the Ethereum network; in similar ways to how AOL trojan-horsed dial-up internet use and the internet with the use of mailable CDs. By utilizing energy usage and consumption, Grid+ believes we can hasten the pace of Ethereum adoption, while creating novel and compelling use-cases for the future.

Show Links:
Grid+ Website: gridplus.io
Grid + Whitepaper: drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz90riPG…SVROODJMWk0/view

Intro/Outro Music “Guacamole” by Abhi the Nomad: Abhithenomad — Guacamole-prod-aso

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