Learn: New In-Depth Course for ERC721/NFTs at Zastrin

Learn Solidity While Building Real Projects

Zastrin is excited to announce the release of a new course ERC-721/NFT — The complete developer’s guide. If you have heard of CryptoKitties or CryptoPets, you know what NFT (Non-Fungible tokens) are. There is lot of activity in the Ethereum ecosystem around NFTs and many NFT based applications are being built. Now is a good time to jump in and learn and build some NFT dApps to stay ahead of all the innovation happening in the space.

In this course, you will start from the basics — learn the concept of tokens, various types of tokens and then focus on Non fungible tokens. You will learn to build a complete NFT based application using Solidity smart contracts and Javascript+HTML (frontend). You can check out a demo of application you will be building here.

You can also use the coupon ‘BlockChannel’ to get 50% off the course!

If you have any other questions, just contact Zastrin via Mahesh@Zastrin.com