Foamspace Gives Token Grant to BlockCities to Develop Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game on the FOAM Map.

Preston Attebery
Oct 7 · 3 min read

After announcing four projects for the first round of Token Grant Recipients in August, Foamspace is giving BlockCities a token grant to develop a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game built on the FOAM Map.

This move is designed to spur more activity on the FOAM Map and gamify the experience of adding points of interest on the consensus driven map of the world. For BlockCities, it’s a way for us to further connect with the world around us. By connecting BlockCities buildings with FOAM’s Proof of Location data, we’re bridging the gab between a virtual world you can own and build, and real-world buildings you can go and visit.

FOAM Map Scene on

Prototype of FOAM Snippet on

As part of the grant, we’ll be adding a FOAM Map Snippet on every Classic and Scavenger Hunt building profile on Your Classic or Scavenger Hunt building will be set on street in a 3d, isometric scene. Zoom, slide left and right to get a feel for the immediate geography around your special building. You can also see the related FOAM data right on-screen, like the building name and geographic coordinates.

BlockCities Adventure Map

Early Prototype of Adventure Map

Along with a native integration on BlockCities, we’re building a standalone Adventure Map that combines FOAM Protocol data with BlockCities Building NFTs. On one single map, you’ll be able to see every “Real” world BlockCities building by pinching, scrolling, and zooming to your favorite city.

See the New York Times Building (spoofed “BlockCities Times” building) where it should be in Midtown, Manhattan or the Tour de l’Horloge in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Click on the building to learn more about it or link to its profile page on BlockCities.

At first, the map will only be used for virtual exploring and showing off BlockCities buildings, but in the future we hope to add full gaming functionality to the map. This would include Scavenger Hunt hints appearing right on screen, adding points directly on the Adventure Map, and immediate feedback from placing correct points!

Along with the Foamspace team, we are collaborating with Blocklytics, the creators behind and, to complete this project. 🎉

Stay tuned for bimonthly updates on our development progress, further feature additions, and the announcement of Season 1 for BlockCities x FOAM Scavenger Hunts with updated gameplay.

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