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According to the latest data, Blockcloud has become one of the most popular Internet projects in the world. There are more and more people interested in Blockcloud, and many people are struggling to understand the white paper. We will briefly introduce what Blockcloud is and how the Future Internet will change our lives.

TCP is the transmission control protocol, IP is the network interconnection protocol, the emergence of TCP / IP acts like a bridge, makes different computer networks interconnected, constitutes the basis of the current Internet. The TCP/IP is a prerequisite and the number one contributor to the great prosperity of Internet technology.

However, TCP/IP was born in the 1960s and 1970s to support inter-military calls. It also uses the past IP-based communication method to connect devices, data and services with a centralized server. It increases the control cost of the network and reduces the efficiency of the network. It is not suitable for the mobile Internet scenario, and it is hard to support the accessing of tens of billions or even billions of devices in the future.

Blockcloud, in essence, is an extension of the existing Internet and is the underlying technology of the Internet that can upgrade and transform the existing Internet. It combines the advantages of blockchain and next-generation Internet technology to build a network underlying protocol in the form of “building blocks”, providing continuous connectivity support for dynamic networks, and supporting upper-layer applications more securely and efficiently.

If the existing TCP/IP opens the valve for information flow, the new generation of TCP/IP will bring a beautiful new world of Internet of Everything!

Now that there are so many underlying public chains, what is the difference between Blockcloud? The answer is that Blockcloud is at the bottom. At the bottom of the Internet, Blockcloud upgrades and improves existing network protocols to build a new generation of TCP/IP that greatly enhances the dynamic, credible, motivating, secure, fair and scalable nature of the network. It is just like making the roads wider, better and stronger, so that the car on the top can run faster, more stable and safer.

To be specific, Blockcloud can be applied on the existing applications, and also better support the blockchain public chains. If we regard IoT, blockchain and other traditional internet applications as cars, public chain projects as engines, tokens as fuel oil, then Blockcloud is the road. Only with road, can cars drive more safely and freely, and can information and resources exchange.

How does Blockcloud achieve this? Firstly, Blockcloud introduces the Service-Centric Networking (SCN). Through the Service Access Layer (SAL), the control plane and the service plane are separated. Without the complicated specific IP address, the upper layer application can directly connect to the service via the service name, and the service provider can seamlessly change the address, migrate the service, by which, the network mobility and scalability are greatly improved.

Secondly, solving the problem of insufficient trust and incentives in SCN networks by blockchain technology. Design a proof of service (PoS) mechanism to reliably verify services; Design the distributed peer-to-peer network Coral to save the service information; We devise a truthful continuous double auction (TCDA) mechanism to fairly distribute services. Design BLOC to provide incentives to trade miners and service miners.

Thirdly, we develop a Compacted Directed Acyclic Graph (CoDAG) structure to effectively record transactions. Hybrid consensus protocol combines the advantage of both permissioned and permissionless protocol, and tries to achieve the best of both worlds.

All of the above mentioned are realized in a loosely coupled and hierarchical structure. What is loosely coupled? In simple terms, it means each layer can evolve independently as if it has a life. This kind of design empowers the whole system with great applicability and evolvability.

The application scenarios of Blockcloud are also very extensive. Among them, massive nodes, unstable, high-speed dynamic Internet of Things is one of the perfect application scenarios of Blockcloud. It should be noted that the Internet of Things is a perfect fit for Blockcloud, but Blockcloud is not just for the Internet of Things! Blockcloud can also support other blockchain networks and traditional Internet applications, just like IP networks.

The team members are from Princeton, Tsinghua and Peking University, etc. Over 50% Ph.D core team members have published more than 50 papers in international top academic conferences and periodicals which have been cited more than 300 times worldwide, and have applied for more than 80 patents.

In addition, Blockcloud has the world’s top scientific advisory team, with Nobel laureate Oliver Hart as its economic advisor and former Barack Obama White House economist Hoan Soo Lee as its chief economist. There are 18 of the world’s top scholars in technical advisory team, one of them is Fred Baker, the world’s Internet pioneers and the chairman of IETF which is the most authoritative technology standardization organization on the global Internet. Technical advisory team includes 2 IEEE Fellows, 5 National Distinguished Scientists, 4 members of Blockchain Special Committee of China Computer Federation and 15 professors.

Blockcloud has cooperated with IETF, the most authoritative technology standardization organization on the global Internet, and CERNET which is the world’s largest education network and IPv6 network. Also, Blockcloud established close partnerships with top global groups such as Tencent, Huawei, Aliyun and listed companies.

Blockcloud——Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP!

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Blockchain- based Advanced TCP/IP


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Blockchain- based Advanced TCP/IP