Blockcloud First Global Blockchain AMA among over 1 million Followers

Blockcloud First Global Blockchain AMA among over 1 million Followers initiated by Blockcloud was successfully completed on April 28, 2019.

CEOs from the five great projects introduced together how do the blockchain underlying protocol, public chain and service protocol change the real world?

The AMA covered over 50 communities from home and abroad in 6 languages.

Here are the AMA collection of Blockcloud:

Three Main Topics:

1. Differences: Features, progress and major breakthroughs of all the projects

2. Consensus: Application value of blockchain technology

3. Market: Logic behind the token price and market expectation


It’s a precious chance for people to see the four star projects to show in the same livestream today. Now more and more projects start to work together to build the ecosystem, but we also understand in the field of public chains, projects are competitors and everyone’s trying to replace each other. So do you think this kind of cooperation is necessary? Is it possible to be realized? What values can it bring to the projects?


We believe that the development of blockchain technology and business models is still at an early stage, and there are a lot to be improved between different technical systems and ecosystems. It is not wise to work behind closed doors or indulge in self-admiration when Internet technology is under rapid development. Through cooperation between projects, we can achieve complementary advantages, ecological co-construction, and mutual benefit, realizing the result of 1+1 >2. This is what we pursue.

The reason why we gather together today is not for promotion only, but trying to build a stronger cooperation relationship with each other. As the underlying protocol system, Blockcloud is not a competitor to any blockchain projects, instead, we can provide better network support to other public chains. While as the underlying infrastructure, Blockcloud also needs support in different application scenarios from other scenarized partners. For instance, a more efficient cloud computing system can be established by integrating Ankr’s technology in this field. The speed can be improved by integrating Multivac’s technology in the field of high performance computing. And the stronger scalability can be realized by combining IOST’s strengths in content distribution.

We will promote the business implementation and build flourishing community and ecosystem together apart from technological system. We aim to change the world with technology and benefit all the users and investors.


What are the key points to establish a public chain of high quality? What are confining the development of public chain? What is Blockcloud’s opinion toward the development of public chain and what kind of support can Blockcloud provide to it as the underlying protocol?


Throughout the history of the development of Internet technology, the rise of new technologies and commerce generally follows the logic of building the underlying infrastructure first and then rebuilding the upper layer application. As an innovative development of Internet technology, blockchain will also follow the law. Therefore, I believe that building a public chain system of good quality is crucial to the development of the industry.

Blockcloud is not a pure public chain in nature, what we do is more about applying the public chain technology to the underlying Internet protocol system, upgrading and improving the Internet. The network provided by Blockcloud will provide better network performance for traditional applications and other public chains. Therefore, there is no competition between Blockcloud and other public chains in the market. At the same time, Blockcloud provides better underlying network support to public chain and other blockchain projects in the future. Same as the relationship between Blockcloud and the fellows from the livestream today.


A question that concerns everyone, what progress and key breakthroughs have we made respectively so far?


1At present, Blockcloud has reached an in-depth cooperation with high-quality blockchain projects to jointly promote technology, ecology and community development, such as IOST, Multivac, Ankr and ARPA. Besides, we have also established substantial cooperation with traditional industries, including some Internet giants, which has formed related products that can generate commercial benefits.

We will disclose the details of the cooperation in the next few days. Please stay tuned.


We understand that projects here are actively exploring the development of the combination of the Internet and traditional industries. Could you please tell us what industries we have combined? How to combine? And what is the progress of the application realization?


There are two types of innovation, one is evolutionary type and the other is breakthrough. Blockchain is a breakthrough innovation to traditional Internet technology and business models. Throughout the history of the Internet industry, every breakthrough innovation will bring new opportunities worth trillion, such as web, mobile internet and artificial intelligence etc. I believe that the development of blockchain technology will certainly bring new market opportunities of trillion level market. And more opportunities will be seen in the field of that combines with traditional industries, thus it will bring market opportunities worth trillion to the traditional industries.


Blockcloud, MultiVAC and Ankr all took part in the token swap on exchanges, in which people can subscribe new tokens by holding tokens of exchanges. What pros and cons do you think it could bring to exchanges and projects? We know IOST has longer and richer experience in secondary market, and do you have any suggestions to these new projects?


I think it’s a good way to help communities to select good projects with the professional assistance from exchanges. It will also help to promote the projects among wider circle so that a triple win can be achieved among project, exchange and community.


The market is filled with projects of different quality, so what is the logic of value behind your tokens? And how do think of the prospects?


Blockcloud is the first Internet underlying protocol project in the world and it doesn’t have conflict with all the existing blockchain projects. Instead, we can cooperate with everyone to explore the expansive application scenarios.

Blockcloud aims to improve and update Internet. Blockcloud has been taken benchmarking Cisco, whose highest market value reached 500 billion. The stock price of Cisco rushed from $0.072 on Oct. 10,1990 to $82 on Mar. 27, 2000, which represents an increase of 1139 times in the total and an average annual growth of 100 times.

The functions of IOTA are included within only a Transaction Chain of Blockcloud. So even compare the market value with that of IOTA, Blockcloud holds a greater potential.


One last topic that concerns people most, what plans and progress have you made regarding market development, including token application, community building, market expanding and exchanges?

As an international team, Blockcloud attaches great importance to the community building and business development of international community. We held more than 20 meetups in over 10 countries last year and we will continue to expand the overseas business this year. After listing on OK Jumpstart, we will continue the related work overseas, including community building, business expanding, cooperation of research and development and others.

The ending question:

I have one last question for Dr.Ming on behalf our community members. People are expecting the prelude of bull market very soon, how do you think of the market in the coming future?

As to the market in the future, let me summarize my opinions with one of my favorite picture.