Announcing BlockCluster — A Complete Blockchain Management Solution

Hyderabad, India

BlockCluster, the first Indian company to provide complete Blockchain Management System (BMS) has been officially launched at International Blockchain Congress, Hyderabad and open for business. Experiencing the complexities and time required to implement traditional Blockchain protocols while working at NBD Emirates, 26-year-old Vinshu Gupta and 23 years old Narayan Prusty joined forces to make it easy for individuals and businesses to “Go Blockchain.”

“We are making it easy for everyone to Go Blockchain. What Amazon did to cloud services, BlockCluster is going to do same for Blockchain services,” promised CEO, Vinshu Gupta.

BlockCluster is Blockchain Management System that automates task essential for Blockchain application without requiring any additional technical developments. With few clicks of a button, a business can spin Blockchain network, perform node management, configure permissions within groups and create a digitized version of their assets on Blockchain. The promise of BlockCluster is to let anyone create Blockchain backend stack under 15 minutes which usually takes hundreds of hours or work and Blockchain

BlockCluster has served startups like Block right, Eraswap, Megachain, BBTokens, and many more to help implement Blockchain for innovative use cases. The BlockCluster Partner Network, which already includes 7 partners is now open for further Press Release partnerships. Partners will have access to proprietary Blockchain knowledge, dedicated lab nodes, and team to help businesses for successful implementation of Blockchain projects.

BlockCluster’s new partnership opportunities include:
 • Joint GTM
 • Blockcluster Lab Credits
 • Pre Sales as a Service
 • Blockchain Enablement Sessions
 • Reseller Discounts

BlockCluster is now accepting Partner Network request for US, India, and Middle East. If you’re ready to join Blockchain Revolution with leading company in one of the most disruptive technology space available, then write at

About BlockCluster
BlockCluster is the quickest way to deploy and manage your Blockchain Ecosystems through a simple user interface. It accelerates the process of Dapp (Decentralized Apps) and Blockchain integration by automating associated steps and provides scalable, robust and reliable on-cloud/on-premises private and hybrid Blockchain solution for industry-specific use cases.

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Originally published at on October 3, 2018.