BlockCluster Launches PrivateHive: A Hyperledger Fabric-as-a-Service Module

April 2019

It is a proud moment for everyone associated with BlockCluster.

We have launched our very own Blockchain-as-a-service Module based on Hyperledger Fabric — PrivateHive.

With this service, BlockCluster will be able to tap into the cluttered open-source Hyperledger market and offer a more comprehensive solution by unifying all the Hyperledger fabric tools and components under a single control panel.

What gives PrivateHive an edge over other similar services is that it allows connecting different BlockCluster deployments on BlockCluster Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Prem, with each other and form a decentralized network. Now, we are in a better position to target and assist Fortune 500 companies for implementing Blockchain in their business processes.

Some of the key features of the PrivateHive Include:

1. Dynamically Create ‘Peer’ and ‘Orderer’ Organizations

2. Create, Invite, and Join Channels

3. Kafka-based Ordering Services

4. Install, Instantiate, and Upgrade Chaincodes

5. Invoke and Query REST APIs for Chaincodes

6. Golang and Nodejs Chaincodes

7. CouchDB and Private Data

8. Endorsement Policies

9. Download Crypto and Connection Files

10. Advance Audit Explorer

“With the launch of PrivateHive service, we have further strengthened our positioning as an organization which is dedicated to developing solutions that can help businesses adopt Blockchain with ease.”
- Vinshu Gupta, CEO of BlockCluster

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