BlockCluster & Tech Mahindra — A Strategic Partnership to Help Fortune 400

The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.

- Sarah MacLean

February, 2019

Beyond the words, beyond the team, beyond the product — the potential of a project is truly reflected when it is trusted by a technology giant to serve its client.

BlockCluster is proud and honored to sign a strategic partnership with Tech Mahindra — a USD 4.9 billion company, employing 121,840+ professionals across 90 countries, serving 935 customers globally. Tech Mahindra would be utilizing BlockCluster’s platform to build DApps for its Fortune 400 clients.

How this Strategic Partnership Helps BlockCluster?

This association with Tech Mahindra further strengthens the trust and confidence the Blockchain community has on us. We are hoping to reach out to big names in the industry, establishing our identity as the multi-protocol, on-demand Blockchain platform.

With BlockCluster, implementing Blockchain for the enterprise is no longer a cumbersome, time taking, resource intensive, and complicated process. A large enterprise can easily plug in their existing application with various connectors offered by BlockCluster as add-ons. This helps in a smooth transition, without making too many changes to the existing infrastructure, resulting in lesser down times when making the transition.

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