Eleven01, BlockCluster Join Hands to Promote Blockchain Adoption with Codeless Deployment

BlockCluster Signs MoU with BlockCluster

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

– Michael Jordan

March, 2019

We are excited to announce that India’s first native Blockchain protocol, Eleven01 has signed MoU with BlockCluster for enabling enterprises to implement Blockchain for their business processes. Their teams will be working in close association to promote Blockchain adoption by the enterprises.

BlockCluster has built a Blockchain Management Platform that allows businesses to automate their Blockchain ecosystem, enabling them to reach market early by transforming their use-cases into comprehensive and scalable Blockchain apps rapidly, testing and deploying them in parallel.

The platform provides auto generated web services for necessary steps involved in any Blockchain use-case such as setting up the cloud infrastructure, managing nodes, configuring smart contracts, designing workflows, and integrating external plugins.

The BlockCluster team is working towards solving the problem of slow adoption of Blockchain based workflows for businesses. The Eleven01 team is quite thrilled to work with them. The idea that they are bringing forward will encourage wider Blockchain adoption.
- Rama Iyer, President, Eleven01.

Eleven01 will offer their expertise and technological support to the BlockCluster team to develop the progressive infrastructure.

Eleven01 is developing India’s first native Blockchain protocol and we are excited to work with them. With these two companies working in partnership, we can build new solutions for Blockchain adoption.
- Vinshu Gupta, CEO, BlockCluster

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