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Jonathan Knegtel
Apr 12, 2018 · 5 min read
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Introducing Blockdata

In late 2016, we all witnessed the flood of new blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies entering the market. In Amsterdam we followed this closely and we asked ourselves one simple question:

How do we separate the hype from the legitimately good projects?

What is clear is that despite the last year of booms and crashes, blockchain technology is here to stay. That cliched aim of startups — making the world a better place — is actually possible with blockchain. We want to see these ideas permeate every aspect of society.

Just like you, we love seeing new token releases and the myriad use cases they are aimed at. But with so many interested parties tracking the ecosystem with countless excel sheets, bots, and ‘insider’ Telegram groups, we see that there is a great deal of repetition in research.

In other words, humanity is wasting a lot of time looking for the same information and coming to the same conclusions.

Besides, anyone doing research is primarily concerned with the team, product delivery, and token economics. We think this kind of information should be easy to locate and interpret, so after searching for such a tool to no avail, we decided to go ahead and build it ourselves.

What are we building?

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We are aggregating and displaying information on all of the publicly disclosed blockchain projects, but we are going to omit one key data point: price

Blockchain was created to allow people to fundamentally change the way the world works, not to get rich quick.

Our platform aims to help you answer some basic questions about blockchain projects:

  • Are they building what their whitepaper talks about?
  • Are they delivering on what they promised?
  • What exactly is their core technology?
  • How many other projects are doing the same thing?
  • Which other projects run or rely on this platform?

It needs to be easy to access, free from payment walls and complex registration processes. Just a simple website, with straightforward and transparent information, and no hidden get-rich-quick agenda.

What data are we collecting?

To make sure we give users a complete overview of the projects, we are going to be focusing on the following data points:

Team background, token economics, Github project repository,

Company — Industry vertical, 5 word overview

Key Goals — Key objective, competitors, slogan / motto

Token — Layer, simple use case, supply, exchanges.

Team — Names, positions, links

Funding info — Investors, amounts

General links — Website, whitepaper, twitter, reddit etc.

Products — Roadmap items, key information, Github

Partnerships — Who, what, nature/scope of partnership

Token features — Consensus mechanism, mining algorithm, transaction time, blockchain size, tx fee, pools, USP

Advanced token info — Wealth distribution, stability, token distribution

Some key points

We are going to use a mix of technology and a trained team to research, track, and dissect projects.

We are going to watch the ecosystem evolve from the sidelines and provide the necessary data. We are not going to make pricing and development predictions. Shock horror 😳

In the short term we are a centralised project. We have the full intention to open source and tokenize our platform in the future but first we want to focus on providing a trustworthy dataset.

We believe that blockchain is happening whether you like it not. We will focus on post-ICO companies that are starting to get real traction.

Sounds good. How can I get the data?

This depends on who you are, here are some simple use cases that we are going to provide data for:


If you are a firm with a product that is data hungry, you can be a part of our first customer group. We are accepting a limited amount of initial customers to test and improve our dataset.

SaaS offering:

Sign up for our SaaS offering if you need your team to be kept directly up to date on changes to projects. We will also offer an online portal on which you can manage team members, share lists and more information.

Got any fancy ideas? Let us know.

But how are you going to survive?

Since our aim is to provide clean, reliable information about blockchain projects, we won’t charge or limit our casual users.

For those who are serious about investing and rely on us to help make informed decisions, we will charge for heavy usage and advanced API/SaaS offerings.

Why us?

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We are passionate and knowledgeable about blockchain, and we happen to live in Amsterdam, one of the best cities in the world. This is an open invitation to visit us, come see what we are doing, and be a part of the ecosystem here. At the end of the day, the Dutch invented the stock exchange and so far the government is very supportive of blockchain. We also have one of the lowest tax rates for Crypto.

Our team:

Jonathan — loves building simple and useful products

Lucas — an early adopter of blockchain and keen researcher and investor in cryptos

Niels — a designer who sees real beauty in simplicity

Jaspar — writer, lecturer, and startup mentor

Thanks for reading :)

Like what we are building and want to support us?

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1. Please fill out our research form here.

2. Follow us on social media.

3. Share with your friends and special groups. The more support we can gather the better :)

If you would like to take part in our seed round, have questions, or just want to say hello, please reach out to hello@blockdata.tech


A simpler way to do blockchain research.

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