to Burn XDC for the Certificates Issued.

Blockdegree is using XinFin network to store certificate, so we are burning a small amount of token for each certificate to support XinFin eco-system.

The blockchain-powered online education platform, which provides both beginners and advanced courses to prepare themselves for the blockchain world, so blockdegree has decided to burn XDC tokens in order to generate funds and raise awareness about the program. Last month, 72 certificates were issued and 1000+ registration was recorded in the first month of Blockdegree getting live for users to learn blockchain and attempt exams. launched a blockchain-based Certificate issuance & Verification Platform Build on XinFin.Network. XinFin is an open-source enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance. It combines the power of public and private blockchains with interoperable smart contracts and is fully EVM compatible. It has a host of apps that enable multiple enterprise scenarios to utilize blockchain’s potential. The platform is meant to provide free course material and set up evaluatory exams, post which, a small fee of 9.99USD is charged to store the certificate on the blockchain network. This secures the certificate and creates a reliable station for verification. This feature can be used commercially by any education institute, government or university if they are trying to issue a degree, a certificate or diploma on a blockchain platform. Here’s a sample certificate for your reference:

Blockdegree has decided to burn 96166.69 XDC for the certificates issued last month to the registered candidates. With a total of 72 certificates issued in the starting stage of Blockdegree Blockchain Courses and a 1000+ registration for multiple courses, this step to support Blockchain Network utility provided by XinFin Nework. A source from the company clarified the idea behind this step: “As Blockdegree is using XinFin network to store certificate, they are burning a small amount of token for each certificate to support XinFin eco system. From Next month onwards,, XDC burning will be done automatically as soon as degree issued on XinFin.Network using smart contract functionality of the blockchain” Here’s a snapshot of the transaction that was recorded for burning the token:

Details on token Burning:

Blockdegree Wallet address: xdc21597B94b075784C5910ed9A66BB4F0AC711f4FD
Burning Address: xdc0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Token burned: 96166 XDC
Hash: 0xbddd14ca9354baeaa30013851bf1f893a2cfc15cecaac76c7870d9974bad143b

With technology evolvement, counterfeiting education certificates/degrees has become easier as day, creating a huge problem worldwide. Blockdegree has solved this problem by using the distributed ledger technology for preventing anybody from tampering with the documents. Thus each degree/document is imprinted and stored against a unique digital footprint that is tamper-proof digital certificate and secure, thanks to the miracles of Blockchain technology.

Blockdegree platform enables students to educate themselves through progressive levels of blockchain courses and get a correct, reliable version of their certificate easily. This can then be shared with external stakeholders and acts as a verifiable source for any entity/organization. The security of the certificate is ensured by utilizing the blockchain methodology, for storing transactions, which powers the digital currency XDC.

Blockdegree offers multiple useful courses for the students as well as professionals. The following courses are currently garnering the most numbers:

  • Course 101- Blockchain Basics Course for Engineers.
  • Course 102- Blockchain Advanced Course for Engineers.
  • Course 103- Blockchain Professional Course for Engineers.

With this initiative, Blockdegree continues to add value to the XinFin blockchain ecosystem by entering the academic and educational foray. Certification on the blockchain network provides students and companies with an easy and secure authentication process. Combine this technique with the power of private intra networks on hybrid XDC network and we land ourselves in a complex web of authenticated, unique yet free-flowing and exchangeable certificates. The company has invited education institutions and the government to use their app to issue digital certificates using distributed ledger technology.

Currently, Blockdegree give free Training material for the study purpose, and one has to pay an initial fee of 9.99USD for availing the certificate on blockchain public network. Although the certification will be issued to only the ones who score more than 60% marks in the exams. If the person fails, then they can always opt for reappearing for the exam.

Using Bitcoin or Ethereum network for storing the certificate requires a high amount of cost and it tends to be a cumbersome process. Using the XDC network enabled by XinFin blockchain optimizes faster transactions and incurs nil cost compared to other blockchain networks.

Thus burning the tokens for issuing certificates comes as a smart move, which can help in increasing visibility and shuffling the economy of the network.

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Blockdegree Education

Written by is an online blockchain course powered by XinFin, where certificates are stored on XinFin Network.

Blockdegree is an online blockchain course powered by XinFin, where certificates are stored on XinFin Network.

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