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The future of Crypto

Join us today as we embark on our journey to surf the great Crypto Wave of 2021. All over the globe more and more people are realizing the potential that decentralization brings to our world. Historically, only the elite Institutions and the top few percent of the populous were privy to these investments. Now, these opportunities are becoming increasingly accessible to the greater population and investors. An exciting new world of opportunity is blossoming, and we are strategically positioned to play a key role in the ongoing development and continuous improvement of the industry.

The options to invest in cryptocurrency projects have dramatically increased in recent years. This means that teams, small and large, who previously struggled to access funds, can now follow through on their aim to make an impact.

Among the systems that have gained the attention of both projects and investors are Launchpads. They help the teams raise funds to develop their projects in a more streamlined manner, offering larger potential capital and faster fundraising by providing early access to investors.

What is a Launchpad?

Put simply, a Launchpad is an intermediary that works between a project and its investors. This has two key advantages:

  • For projects, it provides access to funds and communities. These communities are usually representing different projects and the launchpad can easily create synergies among them, raising their potential.
  • For investors, the security and peace of mind provided by launchpads is invaluable, offering an assurance of legitimacy and early stage access to sale opportunities. Furthermore, launchpads undertake their own due diligence on any project they are working with. This offers further peace of mind to the investor.
  • There are many different types of launchpads, for most of them you will need to hold their ‘Tokens’ to participate in pre-sales. The allocation tier you have access to will directly correspond with the number of tokens you hold.

Overall, the opportunities that launchpads provide are outstanding. Never in the history of humanity have we had a wealth-creating opportunity like this, it is time to take this chance!

Today, we are going to talk about CARDSTARTER! A launchpad with huge potential that utilises the Cardano Network.

But first we need to understand a little bit about the Cardano Network…

Cardano Network

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third generation blockchain network, conceptualized by Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder of Ethereum. Cardano is unique as it is being built with a scientific philosophy and is based on pure academic research. To give you an idea of the amount of time, effort and research being put into the project, it is worth noting that it is being developed by three groundbreaking institutions: The Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo.

Cardano looks to solve the three main problems of second generation blockchains: scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. It is on course to be deployed by the end of 2021.

Undoubtedly, Cardano will be the future of blockchain, so we, as investors, would like to be part of its development. The best way to achieve that goal is through Cardstarter.

What is Cardstarter?

Cardstarter is a decentralized Launchpad specifically developed on the Cardano Network, that allows investors to partake in projects which have been individually selected and approved by the Cardstarter team.

Through a tier system, $CARDS holders are provided allocations for seed rounds, pre-sales and public sales of projects looking to launch on Cardano. The tier system has been developed to prevent massive dumps and the impact of whale profit taking when a project is listed on an exchange.

Updated Tier Packages

Tier System

The established tier system currently has the following options:


To increase accessibility to IDOs, Cardstarter implemented a Wild Card Bracket — a dual slider mechanism where CARDS community members can manipulate the odds of winning an allocation. Users can choose to go for a guaranteed smaller allocation, or a higher allocation with a lower probability!

Lottery-based allocations

The Wild Card Bracket ranges from 100 to 1499 CARDS tokens, with a linear pool score that increases with every CARDS token added within this range.

Wild Cards Sliding Scale Chart


Guaranteed allocations

Face Cards - Guaranteed Alloctions

For every IDO in which you participate, you will be required to perform a “Know Your Customer” check, commonly known as ‘KYC’. In a KYC check individuals are asked to provide proof of identity documentation, so it is extremely important that before investing, you make sure that your country allows it. In the US, only accredited investors can partake in Cardstarter.

Check out the video below on CardStarter by BlockDesk Venutres

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