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5 min readDec 15, 2021

The premier Metaverse project Launchpad has arrived!

BlockDesk Ventures is excited to announce their strategic investment in the worlds first Metaverse Launchpad - Paragen!

The team at BlockDesk Ventures is incredibly excited about Paragen and its far reaching potential with the rise of Metaverse based projects in both mainstream media and the blockchain industry.

As strategic investors, we have one goal, to assist others so that we can prosper together in the crypto universe. The team behind Paragen share this vision, and we look forward to a lucrative, successful enterprise.

Introducing Paragen

Paragen has recently undergone a complete rebranding from the original project name - MetaLaunch. All relevant updates are outlined in this article.

Paragen is a decentralised, multichain Metaverse launchpad - offering exclusive, early access to the hottest Metaverse projects in the industry.

With the recent push and hype surrounding Metaverse based projects, this market niche has been catapulted to centre stage by mainstream media and centralised tech giants, in turn, creating a surge in retail crypto investors to the industry.

Using the ticker $RGEN, Paragen will have a Total Supply of 200,000,000 tokens with an Initial Supply of 1,775,000 tokens and an Initial Market Cap of $159,750.

See the outline below for Token Distribution.

In an effort to maintain and elevate the decentralised nature of metaverse based crypto projects, Paragen offers a comprehensive platform that can be utilised by defi users of any experience level. Paragen is launching via a 3 phased system, outlined below:


The launchpad and incubation program focused on initial metaverse, initial game and initial NFT offerings with land sales to be multichain with all evm compatible launching chains. (Solana and terra integration to come at a later stage)


Built-in integrated NFT marketplace at no charge for the buyer and a 2% fee charged to the seller (cheaper than most - opensea is 12%). An nft aggregator also to be built and integrated into the paragen world.


Open Metaverse World - in the Paragen metaverse you will be able to enjoy watching projects launch their ido’s, interact with other users, as well as completing daily activities and achievements to earn free whitelist spots/nfts etc. You will be able check your whitelist status, view nft galleries in the Arts Museum, purchase NFTs via fortnightly, open, live auctions in the metaverse, competing against other users in order to outbid each other, and more.


Businesses will be able to purchase/lease stores/stalls or advertise their banner/logo on buildings. A revenue stream is being put in place to reward these buisness’ and adverts will be cost effective. A porting system is currently being planned to allow people to port from the Paragen metaverse to other metaverses. (Scotty beam is currently the preferred tech)


Revenue Streams will stem from project incubation, as well as investments in projects that launch through Paragen, the built-in NFT Marketplace and greater metaverse sales.


Deal flow will be obtained through partnered launchpads, partnered gaming studios and graphics studios, as well as VC flow.

Projects no longer want to launch on a single launchpad but want to leverage a minimum of 5 now.

Paragen aims to focus on Tier 1 projects with Beta versions or working prototypes ready for launch prior to IDO. The Incubation program will support ideas but will not launch the project until Beta or prototype is prepared.


The Paragen IDO raise will be small and will take place on Paragen’s launchpad. Community rounds will be allocated from the strategic sale at small allocations to launchpads that partner with Paragen to reward their communities and boost engagement.

In summary, Paragen will offer a comprehensive Metaverse experience, including:

  • IGO’s (Initial Game Offerings),
  • INO’s (Initial NFT Offerings), and
  • IMO’s (Initial Metaverse Offerings)

The platform caters to users by offering:

- Fair, guaranteed access
- Stake and earn functionality (7 day lock, 2% fee recirculated to users)
- Full project incubation
- Post-IDO Support
- Voting rights, and
- No KYC requirement

Utilising a simple tiered structure, outlined below, including four simple tiers - Rookie, Elite, Master and Prestige;

Complete Tier Structure

Built on multiple leading networks including:

- Binance Smart Chain,
- Polygon, and
- Solana Network
(planned integration)

With a view to further expansion, Paragen will incubate, advise and launch premium, vetted projects, catering to gamers, traders and investors, offering decentralised, fully featured, future-proof metaverse component integrations, to lead the industry into the evolving MetaFi - Metaverse space.

Paragen is a next-level, premier, multichain launchpad created to explore and access early stage, elite, feature rich, Metaverse innovations.

A comprehensive DeFi hub for NFT based, Meta-Finance and Meta-Gaming projects.

The Paragen IDO is planned for February 2022, with the platform due to Launch for Beta testing mid to late January.

With oversubscribed private and strategic rounds, the project, as expected, is highly sought after in the crypto space.

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Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!



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