Introducing BlockFuse: Making Litecoin and Bitcoin App Development Easy

Aug 20, 2018 · 5 min read

The Purpose

We are at the cusp of a financial renaissance that has been 9 years in the making since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. Retail investors, businesses, financial institutions, are all waking up to the idea of a world built on sound money. A world of empowerment where people are in full control of their own wealth as they are their own banks. A world of censorship resistance where accountability is distributed throughout the whole network, not just a select group of people. A world of trustlessness where the value of the currency you use is preserved and not skimmed through intermediary services.

We at BlockFuse want to help build this world of sound money. We want to do all we can to make it more of a reality by increasing utility on Litecoin and Bitcoin through application development.

The Problem

However, app development on top of these two networks is notoriously difficult. The learning curve to effectively leverage a blockchain client is high and the documentation for building a blockchain node can be sparse or out of date. This unfortunately becomes a point of frustration for many new developers which then discourages them from building.

It’s time that we focused on making this process easier. This is the heart behind BlockFuse and why we created CoinMesh, an integrated development environment (IDE) for LTC and BTC. By providing a platform that automates blockchain nodes and adapter layers, we hope to open the floodgates of app development to match the exponential growth these two networks have experienced over the past few years.


The Startup Kit for Litecoin and Bitcoin App Development

At a high level, CoinMesh is an n-tier platform that provides the architecture for developers to create flexible and reusable applications. Let’s break down what this means by looking at the four layers of an application stack.

The Four Layers of an Application Stack

In order to create a product that interacts with the blockchain, there are several levels it must go through. For now, we’ve decided to broadly categorize these tiers into four layers to better help conceptualize the value CoinMesh provides:

  • Data Source — This is the blockchain client your project needs to reference if you want to build on top of Litecoin or Bitcoin. Rather than creating our own independent client that may restrict app development, CoinMesh will offer support to the various blockchain clients already available such as bitcoind, litecoind, and Lightning Labs’ lnd.
  • Adapter — This layer provides a standard interface for interacting with the Data Source. We do this by providing pre-built libraries adapted to the underlying client you choose.
  • Logic Service — Written by your team, runs on your hardware. The Logic Service is where you can start laying out the groundwork for your project. This is an API layer that runs on the server and contains the core business logic.
  • Client Application — This is the layer that the client sees in the browser or native app.

Of the four layers of the application stack, CoinMesh automates the Data Source and the Adapter layers in minutes! In this way, developers can go straight to creating, iterating, and validating their projects instantly.

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak into the future clients we hope to support. As you can see, lnd is on our roadmap. However, CoinMesh is currently in alpha and so only litecoind and bitcoind are available:

Additional Key Features of CoinMesh

  • OpenSource — CoinMesh is open to the community to be peer-reviewed and so that that the proliferation of application development is unrestricted.
  • JavaScript — As the most popular language, we have strategically chosen JS to leverage its large community. However, we have plans to add other languages soon.
  • Simple — It will be easy to use with an admin view to help troubleshoot errors as well as the ability to restore your project instantly in case your blockchain client crashes.

The Current State of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and Looking Forward

The necessary infrastructure to support a vibrant and robust Litecoin and Bitcoin economy is well underway. With the advent of SegWit and a rapidly developing Layer 2, we are at the cusp of being able to process thousands of transactions per second. The necessary financial infrastructure surrounding cryptocurrency has also been maturing through exchanges, payment processors, and custodial management services.

  • Exchanges provide an “on” and “off” ramp for retail investors.
  • Payment processors make business logic and fiat sweeps (most of the times) readily available for merchants to accept cryptopayments.
  • Custodial solutions provide security to institutional investors to safely store large amounts of cryptocurrency. The payoff of this is the removal of the social stigma surrounding cryptocurrency and exposure to different types of investors.

If applications are the branches of the cryptoeconomy, then these services are like its trunk as they will be the architecture that support the coming wave of builders in this industry.

The time to empower application developers with the necessary tools is now. BlockFuse will be at the forefront of this. Let’s work together to build, increase, and sustain an ecosystem that brings utility on top of a censorship resistant future.

Last but not least, we invite you to come try out our alpha! We’ve provided you a LTC/BTC wallet skeleton built with CoinMesh to get an idea of how to properly leverage a blockchain client for your application. Click on the article below to find out how:

Join us on slack if you want to provide feedback and ask us questions!


Donation Addresses to Support the Project!

  • BTC: 3FgrEtNviuLdsvzqLwoAZgPcep6hCcCt6H
  • LTC: MMtzYmntg2C4gSGjSpnWPKe1yWh99FDX3F


Making Litecoin and Bitcoin App Development Easier


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Making Litecoin and Bitcoin App Development Easier

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