blockimmo’s ÐApp undergoes successful penetration testing executed by Hosho

Aug 22, 2018 · 3 min read
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Penetration Testing executed by Hosho

blockimmo AG — Zug, 22nd August 2018 — As blockimmo develops a blockchain and serverless powered platform facilitating property ownership, security is critical to protect blockimmo’s user’s investments and trust. To ensure the highest degree of security, in August 2018 blockimmo commissioned leading blockchain cybersecurity firm Hosho to conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessment on their ÐApp.

Penetration testing is the practice of examining a computer system, network, or application to identify security vulnerabilities that a potential hacker could exploit to gain access to critical and confidential data. To accomplish this, Hosho’s engineers take a customized approach utilizing various manual and automated attack vectors similar to that of experienced hackers attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities.

Yo Sub Kwon, Hosho co-founder and CEO, commented, ‘From our first conversation with blockimmo, it was apparent that they take security seriously and are concerned not only about protecting themselves, but their investors and members of their community. This was reinforced throughout our interactions as blockimmo remained highly responsive on even the smallest of issues as they arose. They took quick action to remediate security concerns and plan on maintaining strong security with Hosho’s assistance.’

Following the completion of testing, Hosho prepared and presented all key findings from the assessment to blockimmo, including a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Report. The assessment found no critical or high severity issues, indicating that our platform is secure and solid. The report detailed two medium severity issues that we resolved, leading to additional layers of security and a more resilient blockimmo platform.

‘The security and robustness of our platform is essential as it enables us to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers. We’re one of the first regulatory compliant blockchain powered platforms issuing asset backed tokens — this comes with great responsibility towards the security and robustness of our systems.’ states Bastiaan Don, Managing Director of blockimmo. ‘For us it was obvious we had to work with the best in the industry and therefore engage Hosho. Working together with their highly qualified engineers resulted in an even more secure product, and marks yet another important milestone on the way towards our platform launch.’

More details about the technical environment and systems of blockimmo are described here including high level results of the penetration reports.

About Hosho
Hosho is the global leader in blockchain security, specializing in enterprise-grade security services for Fortune 500 and early-stage companies alike. Entirely focused on the blockchain industry, Hosho is setting the standard for blockchain security, providing state-of-the-art smart contract auditing and penetration testing services. Our mission is not only to ensure clients are free of security vulnerabilities, but to assist in improving their existing security practices so that they exceed norms and stay ahead of both hackers and industry standards. —

About blockimmo
blockimmo is a blockchain powered regulated platform, our ecosystem enables shared property investments and ownership. Properties are officially and legally represented as asset-backed tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Their legitimacy is guaranteed by our legal framework which works in-sync with our technology.

Starting in Switzerland, blockimmo is focused on facilitating an accessible, streamlined real-estate market, while delivering value to our users one step at a time. Showing that blockchain offers real world benefits, and helping existing entities like cadasters explore and adopt this technology. —


Facilitating an accessible, streamlined real-estate market

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