Invest in tokenized real estate today with blockimmo — Ethereum DApp tutorial / user guide

Users will be rewarded 3x their investment in the demo Phoenix Property (max investment of ETH 0.1 per person, ~$30 net profit)

Michael Dietz
Jan 9, 2019 · 8 min read

Update Feb 2019: New demo property Zendo is now live! And we will double your investment. You can now invest with DAI and other stablecoins, learn more!

In this tutorial we’ll be setting up an Ethereum wallet, on-boarding to the blockimmo platform, and making a small investment in a demo property. Investments in this property are capped at ETH 0.1 per person to encourage participation. After the token sale successfully ends, we’ll distribute a dividend payout to the token holders such that each receives 3x their initial investment (max ETH 0.3, ~$45). Plus investors keep the tokens / can trade them on the secondary market, and take part in real estate’s next step! If the token sale is unsuccessful (goal of ETH 10 is not reached before 16 January 2019) investors will receive a full refund. To ensure it’s successful and you 3x your investment tell your friends (a hard cap of ETH 20 means at most 200 investors can participate)!

Summary, this is what we’re going to do together:

  1. Learn more about blockimmo (introduction)
  2. Explore our website
  3. Setup your wallet on PC / Desktop (browser)
  4. Alternative: Setup your wallet on mobile
  5. Login to blockimmo with your wallet
  6. Start the on-boarding process (KYC / AML)
  7. Ready to invest! Investment in the demo Phoenix Property
  8. Questions / Feedback

Alright, let’s do this!

You can learn more about blockimmo by exploring our site, medium, and twitter

After you’ve browsed around, click Login (upper right) or Get Started.

PC / Desktop users (left), mobile users (right)

3. Setup your wallet on your PC / Desktop (Browser)

blockimmo supports all major browsers (Brave, Firefox, Opera, Chrome) through the MetaMask extension. Safari is currently not supported.

MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. Your account / vault is encrypted and locally stored within your browser.

3.1) Add the MetaMask extension to Chrome (or your preferred browser)

3.2) Carefully follow MetaMask’s prompts to setup your secure vault / wallet

3.3) Deposit Ether into your wallet, or purchase it from your preferred crypto exchange. Here we click Continue To Coinbase and use the Coinbase Buy Widget to easily and quickly purchase ~0.1 Ether (or more).

Our MetaMask vault is now setup and loaded with Ether to execute our first investment in tokenized real estate 🚀

4. Alternative: Setup your wallet on your Mobile

Download and setup your preferred crypto wallet (recommended ones👇). Then navigate to in the wallet app.

Purchasing Ether differs slightly across wallets, but is similar to how we described in the Desktop / browser section with MetaMask ☝️

5. Login with your wallet on

Now that we’ve setup our wallet we can login! With blockimmo there are no usernames or passwords. Users authenticate and are identified by their Ethereum wallet address. Linking multiple wallets to your on-boarded profile is currently not supported. If you use a different wallet this is a totally new account. So make sure the wallet you on-board is the one you plan to invest and hold your real estate portfolio with!

Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets are fully supported with MetaMask. These (cold) wallets provide the most secure way to store crypto / digital assets. (Hot) wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet are also very secure, but not ideal when storing value exceeding the order of 10s / 100s of thousands of dollars.

For more information about on-boarding / login see this thread ☝️

Click Login (upper right) or Get Started and you will be prompted to login (assuming Ethereum bridge / wallet is installed and setup).

6. Start the on-boarding process (KYC / AML)

For more info about why on-boarding is necessary see this thread ☝️

Click the 👤 icon (upper right) to go to your profile page. Here you’ll need to provide some information for our anti money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) processes. This is required because securities (asset-backed tokens) are purchased through our (regulatory compliant) platform.

You’ll be directed to your profile page upon logging in

Completing your profile is comprised of three steps: Source of funds (~1 min), Terms and conditions (~ 1 min), Identification (~5 mins). The terms and conditions are signed with your wallet! Identification requires a working camera / webcam where you take a selfie and a picture of your valid passport (recommended) or ID card.

Source of Funds and Terms and Conditions have been completed (left and middle). After completing Identification you will receive email updates and in-app notifications (right)
Profile has been completed and wallet address is pending being whitelisted on-chain (left), wallet address is whitelisted and can now invest (right)

After you complete these three steps we’ll verify your profile. This takes maximum ~1 day (usually we’re faster). You’ll receive an email and in-app notification once approved.

Once your profile is completed and verified your wallet address has been whitelisted on the Ethereum MainNet and this wallet now has permission to hold these security tokens. If your wallet is ever removed from the whitelist for any reason, you will still be able to transfer tokens out (meaning you can sell them) and there is no risk of them being locked.

You’ll notice some other content now that your address is whitelisted (like our STO). Security tokens and STOs now starting to hit the mainstream media

2 demo properties (left and right), and the official blockimmo STO (middle)

7. Ready to invest! Investment in the demo Phoenix Property

On the listing page you’ll see info like the current amount raised in the sale, the sale’s goal and hard-cap, the number of investors, etc… The page includes information about the property / listing and important documents with more details.

Select your investment amount (max ETH 0.1), review the transaction, and confirm it in MetaMask

When reviewing your transaction (middle), you’ll notice that the number of tokens you receive varies based on whether the hard cap or goal (soft cap) is reached. In the case that the sale only raises the goal (ETH 10), this investment (ETH 0.1) will correspond to 1% of the property (10,000 tokens). In the case that the hard cap (ETH 20) is reached, this investment will correspond to 0.5% or 5,000 tokens. So the share you’ll receive varies based on where the sale ends between the goal and hard cap (i.e. price is determined by demand).

Also note that the tokens are delivered when the sale ends, indicated by the Approx Token Release Date of 23 January 2019.

The transaction is now being mined on the Ethereum Mainnet:
You will receive an in-app notification, a transaction receipt with all pertinent info via email, and this transaction will be in your wallet’s history

Alright! You’re on-boarded and invested in our demo property, well done! You’re probably curious to know when you will receive your first dividend payout right? Once the crowd-sale is concluded successfully you will receive an email and in-app notification with instructions to claim 3x your investment!

In the future you can invest in any of the properties / securities listed on blockimmo! Also you might have noticed our security token offering (STO) is visible once your profile has been approved. Investing in our STO is done through our platform exactly as we just did for Phoenix Property! Except now you’ll receive tokens representing official shares of blockimmo AG! Learn more about how this works by reading our blog post:

Dear US investors, unfortunately due to strict regulations enforced by the SEC you will not be able to invest in our STO. We’re working on a clean solution to allow you to invest, so stay tuned!

8. Questions / Feedback

We’re excited that you’re going to try out our platform! Anything that you notice along the way during on-boarding or investing, please do tell us so we can keep improving our product.

You can reach out to us per email ( or use the chat option (bottom right of our website).

We’re excited to have you join the Real Estate Platform of the future!


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