A new way to discover and engage blockchain experts

How Block Influence unlocked the potential of its database by creating LiveLists, a platform to help blockchain projects develop, promote and scale.

LiveLists for discovering and engaging with Blockchain experts

When we formed Block Influence we wanted to use our expertise in social media, influencer marketing and business-intelligence to help the blockchain industry achieve its potential. We realised that we could only achieve this through having great data and insight. So we created a database that identified, analysed and ranked prominent individuals and organisations based on publicly available data from social media platforms. What we uncovered was invaluable insight that we knew would help us to achieve our business objectives.

As we explored use cases for the database, testing various models and products, our first successful area of business was operating as an influencer marketing agency. ICO season was in full swing and our database enabled us to identify the best individuals for the needs of various projects. We sourced high value influencers and advisors, and we helped projects avoid pitfalls such as spending precious marketing budget on individuals who may have impressive metrics but in reality provided very little ROI. We did all this via a custom built algorithm that looked past the go-to metrics such as followers on Twitter or connections on LinkedIn, and instead dived deeper into data such as social clusters and peer-influence. It unearthed some interesting results and provided us with a clear route to bring real value to clients.

Over the course of 2018, with the ongoing and rapid expansion of the blockchain industry, the landscape became increasingly cluttered. LinkedIn profiles became awash with self-professed experts and Twitter was rife with influencers promoting the latest hot projects. It became harder to track and engage with the right individuals and avoid those with lesser intentions, expertise or experience.

So we developed the database, adding new data points and scoring algorithms. It then dawned on us that instead of using the benefits of our database for a handful of retained clients, we could build a platform that armed blockchain projects across the world with the necessary tools they needed to navigate the landscape themselves. We could empower startups, agencies and consultants to create specific contact lists and gather the insight they needed. The idea for a new kind of software product was born.

Today we unveil that product. Introducing LiveLists, a platform that assists users in developing, promoting and funding their project by discovering best-in-class advisors, influencers and investors. Each LiveList client gets their own fully customisable database that draws information from our core database. It’s fast, live and continually updating, and provides a wealth of data on prominent individuals and organisations. We believe LiveLists can help fast-track and upgrade your journey to growth, and in doing so make the incredible potential of blockchain one step closer to being realised.

Interested in learning more? Head on over to the LiveLists homepage here for more info.

Who are Block Influence?

Block Influence delivers actionable intelligence to startups, agencies, consultancies, traders and investors operating with blockchain. Our flagship products — LiveLists and KEE — harness proprietary expert and influencer analysis to deliver turbo-charged market decisions, influencer discovery and content strategy. We turn insight into action, generating affluence through intelligence.

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