The Top 100 Crypto and Blockchain Influencers

Leon Chevalier
Feb 28 · 19 min read

The definitive list of crypto and Blockchain influencers in the Twittersphere. Who to follow, who to connect with and who’s making waves in the community. Updated: March 2019

It’s all in the data

Block Influence is a data company. We don’t start a client campaign without thinking of the data. What are our metrics? How can we judge performance? How do we make the data work for us?

So it’s important to us to have an impartial, data-centric view of the Blockchain ecosystem on Twitter. And it’s important for our clients, too.

… but Crypto Twitter is a swamp

OK, no problem. Just look on crypto twitter and find the most followed accounts, right?

Wrong. Too many accounts purchase followers (directly or via airdrops), too many use followbacking (following accounts to get a followback, unfollowing those who don’t) and many, quite innocently, have low value followers.

… so we go deep into the data

To solve this problem we looked at an individual’s second degree network. That’s the quality of a follower’s followers. Doing so enabled us to build a much truer representation of a individual’s influence. And we only looked at influence within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, so if an blockchain individual is followed by Katy Perry (currently the most followed person on Twitter with a whopping 107m followers), then I’m afraid that doesn’t move the needle in terms of their influence as far as we are concerned.

And we built the ultimate crypto Twitter top 100

There were an number of tweaks we made to fine tune our model, too many to mention here (that’s an article for another time). What we compiled is not based on opinion or editorial judgement, but an algorithmically generated list of the most influential people in Blockchain and cryptocurrency at this very moment. Let’s begin…

1. Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin

Twitter: Website: About: See Not giving away ETH. For inquiries about me advising your ICO, please email:

This Russian-Canadian programmer is the co-founder of Ethereum and co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. He’s super active on Twitter with one of the largest follower counts of all the prominent blockchain players. He’s known for wearing unicorn rainbow t-shirts, but don’t let his geek chic fool you. He’s hard hitting, outspoken and opinionated when it comes to the issues facing the blockchain industry; always putting principles and pragmatism before crypto politics.

2. Charlie Lee [LTC]

Twitter: Website: About: Creator of Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

Charlie released his creation Litecoin to the world in 2011 whilst working at Google. He then went on to become Director of Engineering at Coinbase, which set Charlie up well given the platform’s adoption of the cryptocurrency. Litecoin went on to become a top market capitalisation currency and known as Bitcoin Silver. He controversially sold almost all of his Litecoin in December 2017 stating reasons around a conflict of interest with his now current position of Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

3. John McAfee

Twitter: Website: About: The power we are seeking to unleash with the 2020 campaign is not the power of John McAfee. It is the power of the individual.

A figure steeped in controversy and mystery, John McAfee is a British-American computer programmer turned businessman who made his fortune as the founder of McAfee antivirus software. In recent years he turned his hand to cryptocurrency, publically involving himself, and investing, in numerous ICOs. His anti-establishment rhetoric and contentious behaviour whips his loyal fans into a frenzy, whilst other blockchain communities prefer to watch the spectacle at arm’s length.

4. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Twitter: Website: About: Bitcoin, open blockchains, security. entrepreneur, coder, atheist, pacifist, pilot. Author of: Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money, Mastering Ethereum.

An academic with a rigid agenda to spread the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated on Bitcoin, blockchain and decentralised centralised technologies. Trusted as a reliable and unbiased source of knowledge, he’s one of the few individuals who can stand up to scrutiny as an expert in an industry awash with pretenders. Author of books (including Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money and Mastering Ethereum), prolific speaker and passionate co-host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

5. Roger Ver

Twitter: Website: About: World’s first Investor in Bitcoin startups including,,, BitPay, Kraken, & interested in Voluntaryism

One of the earliest cryptocurrency evangelists, Roger was intent on spreading the Bitcoin message far and wide. Far from being just an ideologist, his drive to generate widespread adoption lead him to invest in multiple Bitcoin startups and travel the world to convert the masses. So much so that he was nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus. After losing faith with Bitcoin’s direction in 2017 he became a staunch advocate of the Bitcoin Cash hardfork. Some viewed this as betrayal to his original cause, others now go as far as to call him Bitcoin Judas.

6. Naval

Twitter: Website: About: Present.

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor with numerous successful tech startups in his wake, Naval is most notable for being co-founder of Angelist in 2010, which subsequently spun off subsidiary Coinlist in October 2017 to offer ICO services to startups and investors. His opinions are highly respected amongst the tech and blockchain communities.

7. Erik Voorhees

Twitter: Website: About: Toward peace, markets, and Bitcoin. CEO of ShapeShift. Blog at

One of the earliest movers in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, his motivation to play his part in the scene was born from concern around systemic problems with the current monetary system. He is co-founder of Coinapult, worked as Marketing Director at BitInstant (one of the earliest crypto exchanges) and was the founder of bitcoin gambling site Satoshi Dice. He is now most known for his role as creator and CEO of bitcoin and altcoin exchange ShapeShift, which he founded under alias Beorn Gonthier until he was forced to reveal his true involvement as part of a seeding round in 2015.

8. Nick Szabo⚡️

Twitter: About: Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer. (RT/Fav/Follow does not imply endorsement). Blog:

An academic approach runs through everything that Nick turns his hand to. He is first and foremost a computer scientist, but is also a legal scholar and cryptographer and writes on numerous topics from history to economics. He is one of the heads of the Ethereum Foundation and has been applauded for this research on smart contracts which of course now form the bedrock of most blockchain projects.

9. Justin Sun

Twitter: Website: About: @tronfoundation丨@BitTorrent丨@utorrent丨The First Millennial Graduate of Hupan University Founded By Jack Ma From @alibabagroup #TRON #TRX $TRX #BTT $BTT

Founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, which in 2017 created the TRON protocol and has become one of the largest blockchain operating systems in the market. There is no doubt of his love for courting the blockchain media, generating press coverage and community excitement with his big reveals and announcements (and announcements of announcements). He’s also not shy about engaging in publicity driving spats on social media with other high profile individuals. Business pioneer and marketing genius, or master of the empty hype machine? The jury is out.

10. Brian Armstrong

Twitter: Website: About: Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase Co-founder @GiveCrypto Building an open financial system for the world. Join us:

For the uninitiated looking to take their maiden voyage into cryptocurrency, Coinbase is often the first port of call, of which Brian is the co-founder and CEO. There is no doubt of the colossus that Coinbase has become under the helm of Brian’ leadership since launch in 2012. The widespread adoption of cryptocurrency is clearly in his business interest, but the passion and clarity with which he drives forward his vision is unquestionable.

11. Fred Wilson

Twitter: Website: About: I am a VC

12. CZ

Twitter: Website: About: CEO @Binance

13. Chris Dixon

Twitter: Website: About: programming, philosophy, history, internet, startups, investing

14. Tuur Demeester

Twitter: Website: About: Founding Partner Adamant Capital

15. WhalePanda

Twitter: Website: About: Angel Investor. Crypto OG. Toxic Monetary Bitcoin Maximalist. 25% of Magical Crypto Friends.

16. Jameson Lopp

Twitter: Website: About: Cypherpunk · CTO @CasaHODL · creator of · priority responses via

17. Barry Silbert

Twitter: Website: About: Founder/CEO @DCGco, parent of @GrayscaleInvest, @GenesisTrading @CoinDesk @Metaverse_VC & investor in 100+ cos, $BTC $ETC $ZEC $MANA $ZEN, etc.

18. Adam Back

Twitter: Website: About: cypherpunk, cryptographer, privacy/ecash, inventor hashcash (used in Bitcoin mining) PhD Comp Sci Co-Founder/CEO

19. Pomp 🌪

Twitter: Website: About: Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital. I write a daily email newsletter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors:

20. Luke Martin

Twitter: Website: About: Trader. I do a daily livestream analyzing major trends, new trade ideas, and more here:

21. Tone Vays [#Bitcoin]

Twitter: Website: About: Derivatives Trader, Analyst & YouTube Content Creator in the realm of #Economics, #Finance, #Blockchain & #Bitcoin. Host of @Crypto_Scam & @Unconfiscatable

22. Peter Brandt

Twitter: Website: About: Trader of classical charting principles since 1980. Author, #1 Amazon trading book Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. Publisher of weekly Factor Service

23. Vinny Lingham

Twitter: Website: About: CEO @CivicKey ($CVC), building global blockchain ID platform. General Partner @multicoincap/@newtownpartners Expect Crypto/Bitcoin tweets, often sarcastically.

24. Ari Paul

Twitter: Website: About: Student.

25. Charlie Shrem

Twitter: Website: About: Bitcoin pioneer / Founding Director / Founder / Contributor @HackerNoon / Speaker / Coffee enthusiast

26. Peter Todd

Twitter: Website: About: Applied Cryptography Consultant (what the cool kids call ‘blockchain tech’) PGP: 0x7FAB114267E4FA04,

27. Jimmy Song

Twitter: Website: About: Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur. Book: PGP Fingerprint: C1D7 97BE 7D10 5291 228C D70C FAA6 17E3 2679 E455

28. CryptoYoda

Twitter: Website: About: Crypto Enthusiast, Technical Analyst, I’m breathing charts, I’m living Crypto. Mail:

29. Gavin Andresen

Twitter: Website: About: Husband, father, geek.


Twitter: Website: About: The founder of Crypto Twitter.

31. Crypto Rand

Twitter: Website: About: #Bitcoin & #Cryptocurrencies analysis. Trader & Investor. #Blockchain advisor. Contact:

32. notsofast

Twitter: Website: About: #bitcoin beyonder : #altcoin miner : economic futurist : aspiring metagame winner : no financial advice

33. IAmSatoshi

Twitter: Website: About: professional critical thinker, not financial advice, RTs are not endorsements, opinions are my own

34. Crypto Bull

Twitter: Website: About: Bitcoin & altcoin trader — Shillmaster!

35. Chris Burniske

Twitter: Website: About: Partner @placeholdervc, a venture firm working to decentralize data, wealth, and power; Co-author of #Cryptoassets 📔; formerly led crypto @ARKinvest

36. Balaji S. Srinivasan

Twitter: Website: About: CTO of Coinbase and cofounder of Counsyl, Earn, Teleport, Coin Center. I hear this Bitcoin thing might be kind of a big deal. Contact:

37. Jihan Wu

Twitter: Website: About: Co-founder of BITMAIN. Studied Economics and Psychology in Peking University.

38. Max Keiser

Twitter: Website: About: 📺 @KeiserReport on @RT_com | Co-founder @HeisenbergCap & @BTC_Capital | New Series: GONZO: Max + Stacy @GApilgrimage

39. Angelo฿TC

Twitter: About: Whale Whisperer | Crypto Trader | Bitcoin / Altcoins

40. Samson Mow

Twitter: Website: About: CSO @Blockstream, CEO @Pixelmatic, 25% of @magicalcrypto, company builder, entrepreneur, founder, exec producer, game dev, marketing strategist, & coffee lover.

41. Joseph Young

Twitter: Website: About: Analyst and investor, focusing on finance, cryptocurrency, fintech. Contributing/ed to @Forbes @BinaryDistrict @Cointelegraph @CryptoSlate @NewsBTC

42. Ryan Selkis

Twitter: Website: About: founder @messaricrypto (acquired @onchainfx) | formerly: @consensys @coindesk @dcgco | strong opinions are mine (and weakly held)

43. ฿TF%$D!

Twitter: Website: About: Semi-retired crypto trader. *Nothing I say is meant as financial advice. Trading and crypto can be high risk.

44. Joseph Lubin

Twitter: Website: About: Co-founder of @ethereumproject & Founder of @ConsenSys. Building the decentralized Web 3.0 on #Ethereum.

45. Fred Ehrsam

Twitter: About: @paradigm. Previously co-founder @coinbase.

46. Willy Woo

Twitter: Website: About: Independent crypto researcher / analyst. Binance referral code:

47. zooko

Twitter: Website: About: / / I sometimes tweet links to things I disagree with or disbelieve, but never things I haven’t read.

48. Meltem Demirors

Twitter: Website: About: making benevolent mischief. building products @CoinSharesCo. investing, advising, lurking in the trollbox. teaching @MIT @UniofOxford.

49. Laura Shin

Twitter: Website: About: Crypto journalist; Host of & Sign up for my weekly newsletter! Nocoiner. Writing a book about crypto

50. CryptOrca

Twitter: About: Whatever … Binance: Bitmex: BTC Tips: 38vZx5SMmnYYBXfDUphPfkBs4e9aLTpEWz

51. Michael Novogratz

Twitter: Website: About: Galaxy Digital

52. The Crypto Dog📈

Twitter: About: STEM PhD drop out / $crypto-trading dog🐕 Started mining #bitcoin in 2011. Full-time #blockchain investor / market commentator. Inquiries:

53. Riccardo Spagni

Twitter: Website: About: Breather, Thought Follower, Cereal Intrepreneur. Director of Skullduggery at the Institute for Lemonade Studies. I do other stuff too.

54. Michael Arrington

Twitter: Website: About: Be Excellent To Each Other

55. Crypto Cred

Twitter: Website: About: Technical Analyst & Trader. Naked Charts/Price Action Techniques. Free TA Education. Tweets aren’t financial advice.

56. CNBC Crypto Trader

Twitter: About: CNBC CRYPTOTRADER host.Founder Onchain Capital/Advisory.Blockchain Optimist. Had 4 good calls in the Bull market..DYOR. Disclosures:

57. Bitcoin Dad

Twitter: Website: About: Dad/Cryptocurrency trader.

58. ant

Twitter: Website: About: Father, Full-time Trader & Miner. Digital Asset Assessment and Degradation. From Genesis to Delisting. #Altcoin #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency | $VEIL adviser

59. Emin Gün Sirer

Twitter: Website: About: Prof @Cornell, co-director @, founder Ava Labs, co-founder @bloxrouteLabs.

60. Alistair Milne

Twitter: Website: About: Investor / entrepreneur. Focused on Bitcoin & startups / CIO — Altana Digital Currency Fund since 2014 /

61. mocho17

Twitter: Website: About: CRYPTO IS THE ANSWER tip jar 3GtCLM5anpzdZvv77e1xqzsC3D1Qiw8mwC

62. Tim Draper

Twitter: Website: About: Founder of @DFJvc, @drapervc, @Draper_U, @IYS_Org.

63. Squeeze

Twitter: About: ฿ Full Time Crypto ฿ ✦Since 2013✦ Trader-Investor-Venture Capitalist- Featured in @cointelegraph & @HuffPost ✦ Tweets are not financial advice ✦

64. Jeff Garzik

Twitter: Website: About: Husband, father, builder, Co-founder @BloqInc, @SpaceChain & others, proud son of a USMC F-4 pilot.

65. DonAlt

Twitter: About: Teaching, investing and trading cryptocurrencies. E-Mail:

66. Tyler Winklevoss

Twitter: Website: About: Co-Founder & CEO @Gemini • Principal of @WinklevossCap • Olympian • Follow me:,

67. Path

Twitter: About: discontinued

68. Neeraj K. Agrawal

Twitter: Website: About: comms @coincenter — the cryptocurrency policy think tank | media inquiries:

69. Secrets

Twitter: About: Crypto altcoin trader & investor. All things cryptocurrency, bitcoin, trading, mining, btc, blockchain, decentralization, TA

70. loomdart

Twitter: About: shift delegate loomdart I invented bitcoin in 2009 Su Zhu fan page

71. Bobby Lee

Twitter: Website: About: Co-founder of #BTCChina & @YourBTCC; Creator of @BTCCmobi; Board Member @BTCFoundation; Defender of #Bitcoin & REAL #Blockchain; Fighting for #FreedomOfMoney!

72. dark pill

Twitter: Website: About: bitcoin

73. IamNomad

Twitter: Website: About: i design and engineer things. lift heavy things up and down for fun. used to make people dance across the country.oh and ive been trader for a long time.

74. Tulips de’ Medici

Twitter: About: altar server for the church of bitcoin maximalism

75. Charles Hoskinson

Twitter: Website: About: 8830 AC64 17F2 5164 195C 05DE 21E3 E377 13E1 5586 | CEO of IOHK And of Course: 7633A01E022A6E5B57F68387E78F2A8BA43F91307E8331DC72BAA04CDA4578AF


Twitter: Website: About: Former #cryptocurrency expert now focused on building brands, products and services. #Nutraceuticals #LifeScience & #Algae

77. Pieter Wuille

Twitter: Website: About: I’m Pieter. I work at @Blockstream. I do #bitcoin stuff.

78. Spencer Bogart

Twitter: Website: http://www.Blockchain.Capital About: Partner at Blockchain Capital. Investing in people, companies, protocols and tokens building future of crypto. Former Bitcoin Analyst and VP at Needham & Co.

79. Vlad Zamfir

Twitter: Website: About: Absurdist, troll.

80. Bruce

Twitter: Website: About: CEO /founder Atlantic Financial, Chainstone Labs, Satoshi Roundtable, Board of Medici Ventures, #DigitalSecurities, Austrian Econ, comic geek, father & husband

81. jason

Twitter: Website: About: Angel: @uber @thumbtack @wealthfront @datastax @robinhoodapp @desktopmetal @calm @inside @launch Hong Kong, Jan 25 Sydney, June 17–20

82. Zissou™

Twitter: Website: About: The Life Cryptographic with Zeus Zissou | | |

83. Ƀrock PiErce 🦄🎩🙏🏼

Twitter: Website: About: (Re)start, ONE, Blockchain Capital, EOS, DNA, Tether, Chairman Bitcoin Foundation, Mastercoin — Working to positively impact the lives of billions of people

84. Eric Lombrozo

Twitter: Website: About: Co-CEO & CTO Ciphrex Corp. @Ciphrex, Bitcoin minimalist, Cryptophilosopher, Freethinker, Discordian priest

85. Needacoin

Twitter: About: Nothing I post is financial advice! Just a dude with a twitter account. #BTFD all day. Bag holdin is my forte #altcoins $crypto #bitcoin

86. John Bollinger

Twitter: Website: About: Technical Analyst, Inventor of Bollinger Bands Bitcoin:1E4XBT6THnVUEpCdHkMZimkSVNRsniMFXE Litecoin:LUx6KLiHdc2yWP6gNUeaRdY32XwLbmhpMe

87. Peter McCormack #FreeRoss

Twitter: Website: About: 15 Years Bitcoin — Guru — Expert — Visionary — Evangelist — ICO Advisor — Thought leader — Instagram influencer — Tech Titan — Mommy Blogger — Lord of the Dance

88. ฿ully esq.

Twitter: Website: About: What? No. What?

89. Cameron Winklevoss

Twitter: Website: About: Co-Founder & President @Gemini • Principal @WinklevossCap • Olympian • Follow me:,

90. 🐔ActualAdvice BTC

Twitter: Website: About: Official twitter. I trade boutique cryptocurrencies aka shitcoins.

91. Brad Garlinghouse

Twitter: Website: About: CEO at Ripple

92. Nik Patel

Twitter: Website: About: Best-selling author of ‘An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook’, out now: .

93. Arthur Hayes

Twitter: Website: About: Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO of BitMEX


Twitter: Website: About: 💎 21M ฿ ÷ 7B 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 = 0.003 #Bitcoin 🚀

95. Jon Matonis

Twitter: Website: About: Monetary Economist | Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation | CEO of Hushmail | Startup Team at RSA’s VeriSign | Chief Currency Dealer at VISA

96. Nick Cote — Pizpie

Twitter: Website: About: Bitcoin since 2013 — Trader — Analyst — OTC — Tweets are my own opinion, not financial advice. #bitcoin #blockchain

97. Nicola Duke

Twitter: Website: About: Trader. RAF Veteran. Technical Analyst. Educator. INTJ. Compete with Yourself, Cooperate with Others. KoinKween™️ Ƀ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

98. sicarious

Twitter: About: Semi-retired crypto trader. I am not your investment advisor.

99. BitMexican

Twitter: Website: About: Prop trader. Crypto Margin Trading. No donations, I actually make money trading. 📞🐋

100. Cynthia Johnson

Twitter: Website: About: Co-Founder/CEO Entrepreneur, Keynote & Author | Join my #BizTipChat Tues 1pm PT | I’ve got 5 min, let’s connect!

And there you have it. A whistle stop tour through the cream of Crypto Twitter. Our list is a work in progress and we’re constantly refining the algorithm we use to measure influence. We’d really love to hear all feedback from the community — please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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