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BLOCK DX 1.9.0 has been released!

We are excited to release Block DX 1.9.0! This release is recommended for the forthcoming 1.0 version release of the CloudChains Inc. light wallet, XLite, coming on the 3rd of February.
Click here for more information about XLite:

This latest Block DX release includes:

  • Updated default pricing source to utilize the new CloudChains API
  • Auto-setup config for XLite wallet
  • Added rpcworkqueue=128 to blocknet.conf when using DX setup
  • Updated Electron to v11.1.1
  • Updated Angular to v11
  • Added support for native arm build

And the following bug fixes:

  • Increased the order windows detail height on Mac OS
  • Improved error message when XLite wallet has disconnected
  • Added a delay to tooltips to stop them showing unintentionally

Download Block Dx 1.9.0 .

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