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Word on the BLOCK: 29th February 2020

  • Blocknet Comet was recently released. This was a mandatory update for everyone. If you have not updated, please do so ASAP as you are currently forked from the network. This release uses a new Bitcoin base chain and is the first project ever to add Proof of Stake and on-chain governance to Bitcoin. Read all the full details and update instructions here.
  • Check your wallet to make sure you are not on a fork with the Fork Management Guide. The recent soft fork for the upgrade to the new base chain and accompanied improvements has been followed by a few additional smaller forks. This is normal and expected with the transition, so please make sure you are on the correct chain and take the appropriate actions needed if you are forked.
  • The blockchain bootstrap files have been updated to February 28, 2020 block 1350340.
  • The next wallet release is well underway with various new features and bug fixes including a new Service Nodes tab to monitor your own Service Node as well as others, the ability to call ```servicenodestatus``` from the collateral wallet, the ability to vote with a specific address at a time, readding the lock/unlock menu options, adding the proposal vote counts to the Proposals screen, improved vote tallying of on-chain votes, and improved handling of staking orphans along with additional other miscellaneous fixes. We are also working towards improving the block spacing which should further decrease the number of orphan incidents.
  • Research is being conducted to design the UI for the lite multiwallet being developed by CloudChains Inc. If you would like to participate, please fill out this form:
  • The Blocknet Comet update was recently featured on Crypto Tube. Check it out here and leave a comment and like!
  • A Crypto Friday interview is being arranged for the end of March with Hanni Abu that will be published on the Melchionda Network Youtube channel.
  • We want to highlight the ongoing contributions by miky, baedrik, and all others that have been helping not only in the transition to Comet, but also with answering general questions about the project. These actions create a warm welcome for newcomers to the project and really help add more value to the ecosystem, so a big thank you to all! We are stronger when we work together.
  • The Blocknet crew continues to shout about Blocknet from the social media rooftops! Be sure to follow the various Blocknet associated Twitter accounts so you can retweet, like, and share: Blocknet, Block DX, XCloud, XRouter. If you want to help this effort and spread the word about Blocknet then you can find out about the Blocknet Crew by speaking to @TheVoice in our Discord and find out what the expectations of being a member are. Why Join Blocknet Crew? Find out here:
  • @fazer is continuing to work on advancing dxmakerbot and adding new features such as saving and restoring orders from file, pump and dump management, auto-selling, and usage examples and tutorials. For a detailed list of his plans, see his proposal:
  • The results of Superblock 1339200 can be seen below. To understand how a proposal passes, check out the passing criteria.
  1. Arbit-Market-Making-v2–1339200 — Passed, 1800 BLOCK, Y:59 | N:6 | A:0
  2. Arbit-Market-Making — Failed, 10 BLOCK, Y:1 | N:30 | A:0
  3. atc-1339200-infra — Passed, 500 BLOCK, Y:69 | N:0 | A:0
  4. Blockdx-dev-1339200 — Passed, 2500 BLOCK, Y:71 | N:0 | A:0
  5. buildserver-cost-mar — Passed, 400 BLOCK, Y:66 | N:0 | A:0
  6. corgi-march — Passed, 590 BLOCK, Y:76 | N:0 | A:0
  7. development-topup-1 — Passed, 1700 BLOCK, Y:44 | N:23 | A:0
  8. development-topup-2 — Passed, 1700 BLOCK, Y:90 | N:26 | A:0
  9. development-topup-3 — Passed, 2750 BLOCK, Y:51 | N:24 | A:0
  10. fazer-dxmbot-004 — Passed, 750 BLOCK, Y:64 | N:0 | A:0
  11. infinity7592–1339200 — Passed, 385 BLOCK, Y:50 | N:0 | A:5
  12. marketing-topup-1 — Passed, 1700 BLOCK, Y:52 | N:25 | A:0
  13. marketing-topup-2 — Passed, 1700 BLOCK, Y:51 | N:25 | A:0
  14. michael-dev-mar — Passed, 9000 BLOCK, Y:130 | N:0 | A:0
  15. operations-team-1339200 — Passed, 12540 BLOCK, Y:70 | N:13 | A:0
  16. Ops-Infra-1339200 — Passed, 720 BLOCK, Y:60 | N:7 | A:0
  17. proj-costs-1339200 — Passed, 330 BLOCK, Y:59 | N:4 | A:0
  18. SocialPhilip_MAR20 — Passed, 900 BLOCK, Y:72 | N:2 | A:0
  • A guide to submitting and voting on proposals can be found here.
  • The in-progress (and previous) proposals can be viewed on the proposal forum or within the Proposals screen of the wallet.
  • Please note, proposals are being submitted to the forum individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal.
  • Voting has changed with the release of Comet. Please view these instructions on how to vote in the new system.
  • For Service Node notifications such as critical updates or voting reminders, join this mailing list (separate from the Word on the BLOCK newsletter email list).
  • Blocknet Service Node stats can be viewed on Master Nodes Pro, on Masternodes Directory, and on Block Core.



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