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Word on the BLOCK: 30th March

Hello everybody and welcome to the new Blocknet newsletter update of 2018! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community up to date on what is happening with Blocknet. You can view the previous newsletters here.

  • The new Blocknet wallet design reveal is scheduled to happen live Friday (30th) at 5pm UTC+0 on YouTube that will showcase the new wallet designs and wireframes. The link will be posted about 30min beforehand on our social media.
  • The official beta of the Block DX has been released.
  • A new repository of documents has been created to help users navigate resources related to the project.
  • In addition to the documents above, new documentation which will better help onboard new community members and quickly bring them up to speed is being worked on. This includes a collection of frequently asked questions, guides/tutorials, developer resources, and details about different aspects of the project. Once set up, these items will all be available for contribution to by the broader community. The information can then be crowdsourced and more easily grow with the project.
  • Important wallet update required. Please make sure you are on wallet version 3.9.16. Please check to see if you are on a fork by following this guide.
  • The official beta of the Block DX has been released. The Block DX setup process will be greatly improved over the coming months. Most of the setup will be automated and abstracted to the point where users won’t have to edit files directly. A walkthrough video is currently in production by @808(Bob), @86b(Jeff) and @shane(Shane) to make the steps easier to follow. If you have suggestions on ways this can be improved or notice any ‘gotchas’ that should be mentioned, please message @86b directly on Discord. This video will serve as a short term measure until automated setup is ready.
  • The Blocknet team is currently redesigning the wallet, it will arguably be one of the best wallets in crypto. The wallet redesign is going well and we’re excited to reveal it on Friday (30th) at 5pm UTC+0 on YouTube. The link will be posted about 30min beforehand on our social media. We will be presenting preliminary designs for a couple screens and wireframes for the rest of the screens. The new wallet will also include screens for viewing, voting on, and submitting Superblock proposals.
  • SPV and the larger Blocknet xrouter subsystem are currently being developed.
  • A few months ago a network packet was sent on the mainnet network causing widespread crashes of nodes on version 3.7.36. This happened as a result of normal development tests, however, it was not expected that the tests would cause widespread crashes. Additional packet verification checks were put in place and this issue has since been fixed, please make sure your nodes are up to date with the latest wallet version.
  • The core team will be attending the following events:
  1. Global Blockchain Expo in London (the largest in the world) on April 18th — 19th.
  2. Amsterdam Blockchain Expo on 27th — 28th June.
  3. San Jose, California Blockchain Expo on 28th — 29th November.
  • A new article has been published on the topic of the Blocknet protocol.
  • The Q2 Marketing Plan will be released on April 4th along with a full report of Q1 KPI’s.
  • has been working on a Wiki page for Blocknet. It is currently a work in progress. If you would like to contribute, reach out to him on Discord.
  • There are 2 proposals submitted for Superblock 345600. Voting will close April 7th at around 10pm UTC+0. An introduction to Superblocks and a guide to voting can be found here.
  • So far 232 coins have been addressed. (25 additions since last newsletter.) 64 are currently finalized of which 46 are unannounced, (9 additions since last newsletter). The 18 announced are:

Bitcoin (BTC) | Blocknet (BLOCK) | Dash (DASH) | DigiByte (DGB) | Dogecoin (DOGE) | Dynamic (DYN) | Faircoin (FAIR) | LBRY Credits (LBC) | Litecoin (LTC) | Monacoin (MONA) | MonetaryUnit (MUE) | Namecoin (NMC) | PIVX (PIVX) | Qtum (QTUM) | SysCoin (SYS) | Vertcoin (VTC) | Viacoin (VIA) | XCurrency (XC)

  • 122 coins are in progress for error resolution + finalization. (4 additions since last newsletter.)
  • 181 different coins have had orders placed on the DEX. (19 additions since last newsletter.)
  • There is an ongoing list of support coins and wallets versions that can be viewed here. This document can be saved and referred to for the most up-to-date list of supported coins. Coins listed in the document above have been thoroughly tested and are confirmed to be compatible. Any user who attempts to trade coins not on that list is at risk of losing funds or running into errors.
  • The price of BLOCK is currently at $13.07 (0.00189795 BTC) at time of writing.
  • Circulation: 5,076,618
  • Market Cap + Ranking: $66.3M USD | 9,635 BTC | Rank 127
  • Exchanges — BLOCK is listed on the following exchanges:
  1. Bittrex
  2. CryptoBridge
  3. UPbit
  4. CoinSwitch
  5. And of course the Block DX!
  • Current wallet: v3.9.16
  • Block height: 333527
  • 408 Service Nodes are currently active.
  • 1,227,975 staked coins are currently active.
  • The APR 7-day average for Service Nodes is currently at 18.93% and for staking it is currently 13.39%.
  • Current lock-up percentage: 43.12%
  • Blocknet stats can be viewed on Master Nodes Pro here.

Many thanks for reading. We hope that you are excited as us with what the future holds for Blocknet. A decentralization project fundamentally requires an engaged community, and so if you would like to help with anything, having something to add, use your professional skills or have a problem, we want to know about it.

Please also be aware that a community project is run by a diverse group of people with varying time-constraints (in a number of time-zones) and personal lives, so remember to be kind and patient!

If you want to be the first see these updates, you can receive the newsletters directly to your email by subscribing here. Our next update is due on April 15th. Until then, have a happy Easter!


The Blocknet Team.



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