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January 2021

The Blocknet Protocol



This newsletter is published once per month and is aimed at keeping the Blocknet community up-to-date on the finer details of the project. For those who are new to the Blocknet, we recommend you also check out the latest Ecosystem Update for a broader understanding of our project’s progress and vision.

  • New Project Roadmap — We are pleased to announce our all new roadmap. Yes, it includes ETH/ERC-20 atomic swaps, cold staking and a web 3.0 DEX requiring no download! View the full roadmap here.
  • Hydra slated for Q1 2021 release — We are continuing to prepare for our Q1 2021 release launch Hydra, our decentralized replacement for Infura. We’ve created a brand new Hydra landing page, which you can view here, and the Hydra developer documentation is also nearing completion.
Preview of the Hydra developer documentation
  • XLite slated for early 2021 public release — our DEX compatible multi-wallet XLite is on track to move from public beta to a production release in Q1 2021. Our developers and community have been extensively testing and debugging XLite over the past several months and are working out the final details before moving forward with a production release. The initial public release will support Bitcoin (BTC), Blocknet (BLOCK), Dash (DASH), Doge (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), PIVX (PIVX) and Syscoin (SYS) with many more to come.
  • Blocknet Core wallet 4.3.2 update — A new core wallet update with a staking bug fix is currently in QA. You can test the latest build here.
  • Block DX 1.9.0 update — A new version of Block DX with automated XLite configuration options will be released alongside XLite 1.0. You can QA the latest test build here.
  • XBridge development — Work is underway on a JS XBridge library and partial order support.


The next Superblock will take place at block #1814400, which is estimated to occur on or about Friday January 22, 2021. The deadline for submitting proposals is block #1811520, which is estimated to occur on or about Wednesday January 20, 2021. You can track the estimated time left to submit and vote on the Proposal Forum.


We will be launching organic and paid marketing campaigns for XLite and Hydra to coincide with the public releases. We are in the process of preparing the budgets and a proposal for the next Superblock.

Looking Forward

With so many important developments in the pipeline, we could not be more excited about the future of Blocknet and its impact on the DeFi Ecosystem. To stay up-to-date with the latest news, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter. If you would like to contribute to the project, have something to add, or would like to report a problem, please let us know in our Discord or Telegram.

Onwards and upwards,

– The Blocknet Contributors

About Blocknet

The Blocknet is a decentralized network and protocol suite for seamless cross-blockchain interoperability.

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The Blocknet Protocol

Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.