3rd Blockchain Music POC using ADC & BPL

Our friends at aurovine.com approached us about their third music release POC. In particular using BLOCKPOOL (BPL) smart contracts along with their tried and tested listen, rate, share scheme on the AudioCoin (ADC) blockchain.

Their previous releases for the artists Imogen Heap and Joni Fuller had worked out, but the idea of digital currency and smart contracts was a little too early and innovative for a music industry only just coming to terms with trying to fashion a workable streaming model.

The next release for the band Superfecta will see all the clever blockchain stuff performed in the back end and a more streamlined user interface.


The release will be later in the year although a single will be available using some of the technology in May. Superfecta Aurovine page.

AudioCoin is a proof of stake digital currency designed for the music industry to bring transparency to transactions and payments.
BLOCKPOOL and the BPL token is a B2B system for multiple verticals using DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake). BLOCKPOOL’s ICO runs from May 1st until June 30th 2017.