Blockpool Brands POC

Sometimes the concept of a B2B blockchain service can be difficult to convey. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the raison d’être of Blockpool is through a case study or proof of concept. On 14th April we ran an internal management demonstration of our proof of concept for Buzzbike, London’s new connected cycle scheme.

Buzzbike offers its members a premium single speed bike (made by the inventor of the Mini Cooper), rider pack and rewards (the more they ride through a rider app that links to the bike when in proximity that records rides and tracks progress).

Buzzbike partners with brands and organisations to allow them to use all aspects of their platform (from the app — the bike — rider data, even the name of scheme) to create innovative sponsorship opportunities and community engagement.

We’re using our blockchain technology to demonstrate how a range of ideas can reward and incentivise both their brands and users.
The Geolocation app & beacons on the bikes allow us to leverage data for brands and users in a multitude of exciting ways.
In the simplest sense you can imagine say a film premiere at an IMAX. The brand can identify this reward zone (using e.g radius targeting) around the cinema, and reward riders (carrying their branding) for journeys within set radius targeting around the target location.

Brands can target locations to trigger rewards

Riders can check our app for any rewards and incentives currently on offer and also check on journeys already made and coins earned. Both parties win:

The brand gets targeted exposure with immutable data analytics and the user is rewarded with a bonus on top of their earnings for daily use within fixed daily geolocation models. Our blockchain technology works with our custom api’s and facilitates mobile app and wallet connectivity.

Users can track journeys and rewards

The brand can get additional exposure through social media sharing and a range of other ideas. E.g O2 could introduce a time based reward system for riders exposing the brand around a fixed zone.

Time based rewards

For us the exciting outcome of the demo was the sheer number of new ideas and excitement created even at this early stage.

There are many similar early stage projects within our portfolio and the beauty of the Blockpool business model is the versatility we have to adapt to a multitude of end use cases.