Opening the digital economy to millions with no bank facilities

Our mission is delivering practical Blockchain solutions where they deliver value and make the right difference. Today, we are excited to unveil our newest and most transformative project so far. Soon unbanked citizens will be able to participate in the digital economy.

Trust matters

To gain access to digital services and to participate in the rapid transformation of our interconnected economies, having access to banking services is vital. In South East Asia, there are millions who either are unable or afraid to obtain bank accounts. Mistrust of banks has led them to use cash or redemption refill cards.

With changes in the way we buy products and access services, this is no longer viable for the future. Working in partnership with Federation X our blockchain solution will deliver trust with an immutable record of their money. The ability to deposit money through organisations that they rely on (for example Agricultural Cooperatives) and then either obtain cash or pay for services through a Federation X platform.

This platform will allow the development of a range of products and services combining payment solutions with communication tools and enabling e-commerce.

Fast, guaranteed, practical

The Blockpool platform is designed to avoid bloat and maintain the speed of the blockchain. This will enable lower settlement times, ensuring that workers are paid for their work faster, reducing administrative costs and putting more money into their hands. The safety and security of their money is guaranteed as the blockchain cannot be tampered with.

With this project, we are aiming to deliver a blockchain solution for those elements that will benefit. Our Blockchain Integration Technology allows us to connect systems and services that make no use of the blockchain to our platform. The benefits for service providers is that they do not need to know how the blockchain works or make any unusual decisions. Our API will allow them to add to or obtain the information required from the chain as they would in any traditional database-based system.

We are excited about the development of this solution and will be telling you more about it over the next few months. Keep watching.