Plugging into the BIT

There are some tasks that blockchain delivers well. It is for those that we have developed our plugins as part of the Blockchain Integration Technology (BIT). Alongside our API they complete the first version of our BIT.

File Storage

Putting files directly into the blockchain is a dead-end solution. Blockchain implementations can suffer from bloat. What is also inefficient are downloads from websites. Using the HTTP protocol (the bit at the front of a web address), you are taking a file from one location to another. Now imagine a system where files are distributed across a wide range of computers (just like a blockchain) and you pull the same download from multiple locations at the same time. By using the Interplanetary File System we could save 60% in bandwidth costs, implement file versioning, and stop data being lost.

The level of efficiency we can deliver with this system is impressive:

  1. Distribute files across multiple servers but have only copy of each file for an entire organisation.
  2. Encrypt any file requiring it.
  3. Use the Blockpool platform to securely store your files anywhere whilst retaining controlled access.
  4. Files are stored in a Raid 5 style fashion, providing redundancy without duplication and bloat.

Now we can speed access and avoid costly bottlenecks for access.

Communicating with Applications

We have talked about how our API can provide inter-system communications. For those that are standards based, then our plugin will speed implementation. By utilising the publicly defined protocols for legacy systems, we will be able to provide a connection between our Blockchain plugin (see below) and the current systems in place.

The communications plugin will deliver simple omni or bi-directional connections via the Blockchain. You do not need to understand what happens in the Blockchain or how to get the data in and out. IT teams need only concern themselves in the data they wish to transfer between the two systems.

The efficiency and automation possibilities will allow you to redirect your team and expenditure efforts to more profitable activities. Speedier transactions and verifications reduce your costs.

Plugging into blockchain

The third of our initial plugins will be the Blockchain plugin. This integral part of our system will connect with the BIT API and the other plugins. This is the second part of the glue that pulls everything together. The public-facing protocols will allow organisations to develop their own solutions or take forward a solution initially delivered by Blockpool. We will be using standardised BAPP protocols so that any additional modules can be written at a later date to interface with this plugin.

We will have a full whitepaper on our BIT later this year. Keep an eye out for it.