The heart BIT of our platform

Our public API will be the glue that connects our BIT to the blockchain and legacy systems. It does not matter if those systems come with a public API or a bespoke software hook developed in house or by a third party. You know what our API needs and can supply — now you can use blockchain.

This sounds too good to be true

Much of the blockchain development you will have seen or read about is coded for very specific purposes. Such is the way with new technologies; you solve a problem, which creates a new problem. Eventually you have either a difficult to untangle mess of code or something that is locked down and not adaptable.

At Blockpool we are taking a different approach. With our extensive experience of creating blockchain solutions, we are now able to develop a different solution from the ground up. As we progress, we will build it out based on market demands and how the technology expands.

Well it is a little more complicated than that…

Not for the end-user of our Blockchain, but for us! The key for us will to be grow the solution so that we can keep it as easy as possible to add new functionality to it later. For our initial development phase, we are delivering an interconnection API:

  1. Connect legacy systems to the blockchain with a defined interface for receiving data from and adding data to a chain.
  2. Use it as a method of connecting two different IT systems that cannot communicate directly with each other.

Some of this will be built as an ad hoc project-based operation depending on specific customer needs, however the majority will be universally included in our API.

To the future

The potential of our API to streamline blockchain usage is such that we are proposing to release part of it on a free basis to expand the ecosystem of applications that can connect. There will also be private forks and adaptations of the API to meet customer needs, but the core API will always be developed in a unified manner. Along with the modular elements of our BIT we will be able to develop features such as:

  1. Additional paid-tier services based on the Blockpool mainchain.
  2. Advanced features available behind a paywall.
  3. Different storage and access levels for the mainchain at different pricing tiers.
  4. Filters to prevent certain data items being added to a blockchain (e.g. Full-sized files) to maintain speed and efficiency.

Whilst others talk about these services, we have built the Blockpool platform from the ground up to keep bloat out of the system.

This is just a brief overview and the possibilities of our BIT API are endless. We will have more to say about this in the future and we will release our full BIT Whitepaper later this year.